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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Paola's 18th "Glamorous" Debut

Hello there!

     Today, I received a package, actually not totally a package, but an invitation from my gurl friend Paola, on her 18th birthday party on Sept. 24 with a theme "Glamorous", and I was surprised for the oh-so-awesome design of the invitation, so fabulously rocking!

From LBC, this was sent yesterday--soo fast :)

It should be Nueva Vizcaya, always mistaken by people :)

The invite <3

isn't it a glam? *

isn't she pretty?--loove her!

see my name 2nd to the last :)

     So apparently, I'm still nagging my mom to let me go. The reason? I stopped this semester so I can rest because last summer I had a major operation, yeah it's soo freakin sad. I'm staying here in a province with my mom and relatives. Fortunately I was able to survive all the pain, from the needles and being so emotional that time was an added stress in my part...it was the most mundane situation of my life and to be away from my lovely blockmates--my super friends and the BEST-est friends, I was far from being happy, plus my boyfriend ( the sweetest boyfriend in the world) and I will not be seeing each other for at least 7 months, good thing we keep in touch, thanks for the inevitable progress of technology, we we're able to keep in touch EVERYDAY! That's right, my boyfie doesn't fail to call and text me everyday, that's why I'm the luckiest girl :)) I loove him so much!

     Hopefully if the 5% chance (yeah, little chance of me for mom to agree) of being back again to Manila and attend Paola's debut will happen, I'd be thrilled to see my blockmates because they super missed me! I thank them for all the support and the amazing thing is, if they have nothing to do in class, they call me and all of them yelling at me to come back to Manila, Isn't it the sweetest thing? Not to worry, but I'll be back next semester--GUARANTEED! I miss school---the exciting part? Being a college student :) that's where you get all the thrill <3 I miss my notebooks, my professors, the recess part, the dismissal and the party crowd! tehee :)

     Tomorrow I will wake up early for my next procedure, a step to recovery, sooo Lord please do help me recover faaast :)



Anonymous said...

aww sorry to hear that i hope you can attend to your friend party.. anyway what is ur operation? is it a minor only?

eyerin said...

pagaling ka so you can attend your friend's glamurous debut party ....get weel fast! ^_^

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

The invite is SO cute! :) I hope you get to go!

Carla Violet said...

sorry to hear about your opration... hope u recover soon and get to go to your friend's party... the invites are totally glamorous, i agree... have a blast


eji patanao said...

@ashley: no it's a major operation, very traumatic.

@eyerin:thank you! :)

@rainy: hope i can :)

@carla: thanks, the invite is soo freakin glam <3

Kiki Janku said...

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The post is great, love the invitation! Wish her best birthday and you to have lots of fun!
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Hope you're having a great evening!
xoxo Kiki

Jenn said...

the invitation was so cool and elegant. I love it. :)

btw, I saw your comment and I bought the leather bands at Landmark, Trinoma some months ago and I don't know if they still sell it.

followed you dear. hope you can also check my blog and follow too. :)


Mar said...

I hope she let's you go! It seems like it will be such a spectacular debut! Yeah right, the invitation is so intricate look and beautiful! I hope you can blog and share some photos of the party! - Mar
-Not Your Ordinary Beauty Queen-
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anney said...

Ganda namn ng invitation! Glamorous talaga! Thanks for following mu blog. Followed too! See u around!

Peiyinn said...

Sorry to hear that and hope you get well soon. Take care. It will be a great party! The invitation card is so nice decorated! :)

eji patanao said...

@anney: see you too :)

@peiyinn: thank you :)

Anonymous said...

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