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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Accessories-- Haul

     My haul when I went to Greenhills Shopping center. I promise not to splurge myself on buying but I just can't help it. I need these!! haha, what do you think? I'm not a fan of RED, but now, I'm obsessed with them. I just can't pair something RED, ex. Clothes, Shoes, Accesory, because it doesn't complement my skin tone, I don't have a fair skin that's why RED is out of my league :)) But look at me hihi <3 Fell in love with this, super nakipagtawaran pa ako (haggling). What do you think of these loves? <3 I needed a variety on my accessories so I bought it!

      After shopping, went to Happy Lemon of course with Brian <3

 Matcha Green Tea Rocksalt & Cheese/ Cocoa Rocksalt & Cheese

     That's it, just a short post for you loves! I know this is a solemn week for us guys, time to reflect the love of God. Have a Happy Easter everyone, hope you enjoyed the Holy Week, I know most of you guys had their vacation, as for me, my mom and lil bro went here in Manila. I miss my family, just went out, had shopping and early dinner, went to Laguna to check out our house and to Cavite to visit our relatives their on my father's side :)

     How about you, how did you spent your Holy week? Tell me :) Have a Blessed Easter and stay safe! 


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Smart C+: Thirst Quencher, Life saver

     Okay, I really wanted to do this post, I will share to you my EVER FAVORITE drink that makes me a Smart C+ addict :) I first tasted this when we went to a concert in MOA grounds, my boyfriend bought me one  which is Pomelo Grapefruit flavored, from the first time that I've tasted it, gaaaah, it was HEAVEN *clouds*lights*trumpets. It was love at first drink teehee :) 

     By the way, in case you don't know, Smart C+ is a product form Oishi, a company that is known for creating that sumptuous prawn crackers either spicy or original. It contains 320% of the RDA of Vitamin C approx.250 ml, (jaw dropped) more than a hundred percent ayt?  A dose of your daily Vitamin C needs and there's more, you get to enjoy it because of their 3 thirst quenching line of flavors: Lemon squeeze, Orange crush and my *FAVE Pomelo grapefruit!!

image source: thirstyblogger.com

     I swear, I love this to bits! <3 I can drink up to 5 bottles of these a day, NO KIDDING :) I prefer the bigger one, which is the 500ml. I also buy one when I go to school, before my exam to energize and every time I eat, it is my panulak haha :p I barely go home without buying one from the Ministop, although it's costly because it's a 24-hour convenience store, it's totally worth it ( sabi nga nila "Value for your Money"). My boyfriend do knows how to make me happy by buying one. He already knows my favorite haha, I wish I could swim on these, yeah I'm O.A just like that but swear I really love this, I could sell a sack of plastic bottles of Smart C+,  you guys should try one, after all it's good for your health, so instead on indulging yourselves to unhealthy drinks, go try something new, something fresh, something out of the box whoa* haha. ENOUGH SAID. :)

      I remember I was tweeting, that was past 12 AM when I got thirsty, since it's just a walking distance, I barged out the door just to get my hands on these, imagine my dismantlement when I got to ministop and Pomelo Grapefruit was out of stock, I could be nearly hysterical, of course, without leaving, I bought the Lemon Squeeze flavor and thought that "Hey, it's also good" might try this flavor sometime haha next of course to Pomelo Grapefruit, sorry for the repeated idea about this post. I just want you guys to try these, I promise you, it's my thirst quencher, my life saver yeee* cheesy :p

Wish I could win a box, or fill up my closet with these* Guys help me haha :))
(pics from Google)
  Anyway, that's all for now it's 1:24 AM and em still wide awake, tell me, what is your favorite drink, do you have one? Tell me :)



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