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Friday, June 1, 2012

My Accessory Haul

peachy/orange puffy necklace with pearls and diamonds

pastel pink chain bracelet
white parisian chain bracelet

     So basically after the event at LTIMESTUDIO, I went shopping at Landmark, just to get a few bracelets and a necklace, I noticed that I lack bracelets on my accessories kit so I opted to buy a few, I went for soft and dainty colors instead of the loud ones, this can be paired with elegant/chic/classy ensembles. Just to have a girly and dainty feel :) I promised not to buy again atleast 3 weeks (I dare myself :p) after I bought these, I'm running out of allowance because of my impulsiveness. These babies will be my investment so as not to buy again or speed to the mall if I needed some trinkets to jazz up my outfit. Isn't these babies lovely? I know! :)) Okay that's it for now, 3 posts in a row, it's 6:39 in the morning, and I'm not yet sleeping. Have a great day everyone, June 01 is the day, half of the month had passed, are you half-way in reaching your goals? If yes, good for you, if no, I think you should check out your list again before 2012 ends, just a little piece of advice for y'all, anyways, GOODMORNIGHT! :)


My "ODM-ish" look for LTIMESTUDIO Fashion series event

credits to Michael Macalos 

 Top: Riot | Bracelet: Landmark | Pants: BNY | Bag: gifted | Shoes: giftsahoy
      Here's what I wore to the LTIMESTUDIO Fashion series event, my "ODM-ish" outfit, actually, my top gives me the nerve whenever I go out, people kept on staring at me, thinking that I'm wearing a very "clownish" top, it takes a lot of courage to wear it because the sleeves are so big, as in BIIIIIGG, and flappy which makes me look like a maracas instrument player or a dancer in a fiesta, nevertheless, I struggled myself to wear it ( and buy it :p) because of its bold colors. I wore this top already twice, I thought I'll never wear it again, good thing that the theme was "ODM-ish", I had to take a long pause thinking what to wear after I have read the invite, and then poof** haha, this top came into my mind, no need to buy new clothes. I paired it with a black pants so as to tone-down the colors since my top is very loud, classy and chic for me :) I love my ensemble.

     I think that buying clothes is not essential in any event that you will go, Mixing and Matching is always the key, BELIEVE me, it'll save you time, effort and money :) So tell me, what do you think? Oh and sorry for my expression on the picture, that time, I felt like I was all sweaty and smelly haha :p



     This year, LTIMESTUDIO launched the Fashion Series program wherein LTIMESTUDIO endeavors to inspire the countless consumers on how to draw their everyday fashion inspiration from their wrist watch. 
     It is a statement that "Timepieces are no longer just a means to tell time", rather, it is a statement of personality, of lifestyle and of individual style. Building equity on ever-evolving brand selections to remain always fresh, fashionable and on-trend since 2002, continues to be the game-changing concept in the presentation of fashion watches in the Philippines and is the market leader.

David Guison of DGMNL styles for ODM

     David Guison, a 21 year old multimedia arts student has made quite a name for himself online with his very much followed davidguison.com. ODM, a dynamic designer watch brand established 1999 has been at the forefront in providing "inno-trendy" time wear that symbolizes the aim of the brand to adopt new technologies and design innovative ornamental wristwatches. Hence, the team up for the styling project Fashion series, David Guison and ODM seems to be match made in creative heaven as both espouse the values of creativity, dynamism, color-play and fun in their designs and creations.

     Here's what happened at the event yesterday, held at Capricciosa Greenbelt 3:

funky display of David's stuffs
the"lEGO Collection" ODM
VJ Joyce Pring hosted the event
David talking about distinguishing our personal style, he made emphasis of what tips we can get on how to make ourselves look better by wearing the right type of clothes, the "Do's and the Don'ts" and how to match it with our watches
taking a pic of myself :)
Ms. Aisa styling Sir Paul the PR Guy :) They also won the styling with ODM challenge :)
my seatmates, left:aizel, center: phia, they're super nice :)
me with David Guison :)
w/ VJ Joyce Pring
finally met miss Ana, she has a nice voice and pretty :)
Sir Paul the PR Guy, SUPER NICE and FUNNY,approachable :)
LTIMESTUDIO TEAM, had a fun and casual time with them, got to talk about things, a little chit chat.
my press kit with the ODM-ish phone chain :)

me after the event, smelly :P

    Before I went to the event, I met up with a friend cause I had to give something. The walking part was way too looooong before I reach Capricciosa, I have to walk pass-by SM Makati, Landmark, and then walk the bridge, so I had to go to the powder room to fix myself since I wanted myself to be presentable enough. Everyone was wearing their own ODM-ish outfit, I will share my outfit shots in my next post, meanwhile, didn't get the chance to take photos with other bloggers, i'm too shy to approach them, it seems like they've known each other for years, lucky for them :) Oh well, I hope the next time I'll have the courage to do it wink*

     The event was fun, I was able to make new friends, I felt comfortable, and the best part is seeing other bloggers.I personally wear watches because it's my preferred accessory from day to night, talking about portability and usefulness.Plus!! Everyone should admit that wearing one gives that sophisticated vibe :) Once again, it's a heartfelt experience and I am humbled to be part of this event, thanks LTIMESTUDIO team for trusting me and my blog. I'll be forever grateful :)

     June is up, that means, school days are taunting us again, ooooh my, summer days are over, at least the heat is somehow gone, anyways, take care everyone, stay dry and safe lovelies!! Are you guys excited to go to school? Tell me! :)



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