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Friday, March 29, 2013

First BDJ Beauty Box Social Event

Hey girls and boys!!

     It's been a long time since I last posted, imagine, last August pa ung last post ko, damn, I thought that my period of absence was somehow short but I counted the months and gosh, napag lipasan na ako ng 2012 (end of the world daw) :) 

     Anyways, back to business, don't know how I am going to keep up with my blog or if spontaneous ako ulit mag blog post but since i'm free, I mean I have a lot of time to post random stuffs since I'm having my internship lang naman, so there.. (guys taglish muna ako today ha? c: )

     I had the opportunity to go to the first ever BDJ (Belle de Jour) Social Box Event at SM MOA Atrium last March 24. To those who doesn't know, BDJ Beauty Box is a monthly subscription beauty box wherein 5-6 beauty samples are in store for you, sometimes you can get the samples in FULL size for the price of LESS than 500php monthly,and the best thing is it's a surprise, you'll only get to know what's inside of the box if it is already delivered into your door step :) Cool right?

So here's what took place:

 I arrived there past 2pm, still early for my pre-registered talk which will start at 5 and 6pm. I invited my friend to the event, don't worry, she pre-registered din :) She arrived earlier than me so when I got there, I met up with her. 

 So before my talk, I got to roam around the booths and here is the Browhaus and Strip ministry of waxing booth. I was asked if I wanted to have threading for the upper lip, I said no thanks! Haha, just the thought of undergoing that pain, didn't bother to try it since I really have no hair in my upper lip.

Here is my friend Chelsea, she is a beauty blogger, she tried the threading, it's painful but tolerable naman daw :) She super liked it though super fine lang ng hair nea sa upper lip, natanggal pa din :) She saw the difference, happy for you Chels!

These were some of the booths that were present, others gave samples and make-up brands like Revlon did make-up tutorials.

Had my picture taken at the photo booth :)

He's my idol haha, he looks like Archie from the comics, or kasi blonde lang hair nea? :) Me and Chelsea asked for answers in our beauty problems, syempre kasama na ung picture taking :)

Trivia: I learned it from sir Archie Tolentino, make-up artist of Maybelline, the word "Maybelline" came from the owner's sister which is Maybel and Vaseline, so there, "Maybelline", if I heard it right.
 How to get that bridal Glow with make-up artist Lilian Yeung of Estee Lauder, there was this portion na when you ask beauty questions at the end of the demonstration you get a token, I was given a small paper bag from Estee make-up, pampa-puno din ng make-up kit ;)

And lastly, my favorite talk with the beautiful Bianca Valerio, ang cool lang nea and I super enjoyed her tricks and techniques, not boring and naka smile ka lang habang nakikinig sa kanya. She was supposed to do a demo pero  some mishap happened to her before she got to this event because her driver accidentally dropped her make-up kit, which means, they're all shattered and broken :( She was crying daw but she recovered naman so instead of doing a day to night glam look, she answered our beauty queries na lang.

 Oh, siya pala ung may ari ng Leg Love sa SM Dept. Stores ;) She also has a make-up line under a Tupperware brand which is Colours :)

 My BDJ Beauty Box Event Passport :)

My Estee Lauder Token, thanks Ms. Lilian for picking me :)

Here's what's inside the loot bag :)

I had fun, new beauty tricks and techniques learned, till the next event BDJ ;) 

Oh, by the way, I heard that Google Reader is shutting down, it means that I will lose all my followers here in Blogspot, darn it! But you guys could follow me on Bloglovin, I transferred my blogs there but you could still read it here, I'd appreciate if you could follow it! Please do tell me so I can follow you back!

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