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Friday, August 10, 2012

El Buono: Asia's Largest and Finest Pizza

     Pizzas would have to be one of my favorite comfort foods. Now how does one find wonders through a bread topped with tomato sauce, cheese and toppings? Simply because it's plain love for pizza :) Me and Brian were invited by Khaezel of Openrice to try out a  pizza chain located along Sct. Rallos St. Tomas Morato way back. So after the long lines of students enrolling for the first semester last June, I gave in to the invitation since I can't stop my love for pizzas ;)

     El Buono Pizza is the Asia's Finest and World's biggest pizza. They are the only ones who can bake it WHOLE and deliver it. They can make a whopping "65-inch" pizza that can serve a lot of people. Now you might be wondering how they do it but can you just imagine how El Buono actually deliver it right in front of your doorstep? 

       They served us a "36-inch" pizza, to my amazement, it really is big and can feed a lot of hungry mouths. This pizza costs 1988Php and has four different flavors: Le Verdure, Margherita, El Buono Special and Hawaiian. I love how it tasted, it's my first time actually to compliment a pizza. The crust was so soft, the secret behind it is the crust is freshly baked, that's why! You guys should try it to know exactly what I mean. :)

     They also served us Spaghetti Bolognese and fried chicken, nothing special with the pasta but I loved their chicken, maybe some of the diners will take the chicken to be ordinary, but for a fried-chicken lover like me, I must say, it's a must!

     I find these large jars filled with special drinks very coool. I really like the out of the box idea. At first I thought that it was for sharing, but the one openricer told me that it's good for one, that's a lot to drink. Originally, these drinks were contained in a fishbowl, but changed it into flower jars, cool huh? ;)

enjoying my juice jar**

 Do you know what this is?
   Beer Pong table
Khaezel and Brian enjoying the game

     This pizza restaurant is so BIG, that they can put up with multiple Beer Pong tables. Actually it was my first time to hear such game wherein you throw a ball and shoot it at the other end of the table where your opponent is guarding his beer cups and once you shoot the pong into their cups, you let your opponent drink the cup containing a beer. I bet you guys who wants to have some fun, while drinking beer can actually enjoy this game. I don't drink beer so I'll pass for this game ;)

The Chefs behind El Buono Pizza
Goofing around with Khaezel (top) and Brian :))
Toy Camera pose :))
Another striking pose, I love to goof with my camera, kudos to Khaezel! :)) 
Happy tummy :))
The openricers grabbing a bite**

   Thanks El Buono and Openrice! Now if you wanna treat your taste buds into something tummy filling, try this mouth-watering pizza. Located at  #61 Scout Rallos St., corner Tomas Morato St., Quezon City OR dial them up at (02)-409-4588/791-8647. 


Thursday, August 9, 2012

Accentuate It

     Wore a very simple top and pants, accentuated it with the use of my bright-colored accessories:

     Got the top the day before the event at SM Sta. Mesa's 3-DAY SALE at Juana, it's so simple and classic, not to mention light and comfy :) Everyone would surely love the delicate details of this top. Since I'm the type of gal who would sport anything as long as it is chic and classy. Juana is such a great store, my mom loves to shop at Juana because it caters to women who are working and those who just wanted to be in trend, that's where I came to know the brand, because of my mom's love for Juana. It has a lot of corporate attire blouses and so much more!

 Top: Juana | Pants: Bench | Shoes: So Fab! | bracelet: Landmark |
| rings: random | Bag:gifted | Necklace: cheapfashionfinds

     Since I don't have the powers to edit these pictures except for the first 2 pics, might as well forgive me ;) This goes to all plus-size ladies to carry themselves and be confident. I for once have my own  insecurities which I cannot drop for goodness sake, I am not that fair and I have a different body type, but believing in yourself is the key :) Loving yourself is a breakthrough to all those insecurities, so be confident, Keep calm and carry on! :)

    Speaking of keeping calm, I am so thankful that the Philippines has survived yet another calamity. It's a heartfelt moment wherein every Filipinos are lending their hands to one another. It employs the "Bayanihan" in each and everyone of us. Suffice to say, I am proud to be a Filipino, which keeps my spirit alive. Everything will be alright, there will always be hope and I'm sure that we Filipinos can face any storm that will come. Prayer is the key. There will be always a brighter tomorrow that awaits us. Be strong and carry on :)


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Dermablend: Meet & Greet w/ Gerald Anderson

     Giving-up a day for reviewing my lessons just to attend an event in MOA is a huge sacrifice, but who can blame me for going, aside from the boring process of studying before my Midterms Examination, atleast I can stroll around the mall, meet other bloggers, and of course having the chance to spare some time to see before my very own eyes, Gerald Anderson :)

      I was invited by Joy, who is also a blogger to attend the said event so she can give me the prizes that I won from her giveaway Diana Stalder GC's and of course some products too. Who am I to say no right? So  despite the strong wind and rain, I still went. The event took place at Watsons inside MOA last August 5, I arrived with the people flocking in to the area although there are no signs yet of the prestige actor. Then, after meeting up with Joy and handing me my prizes, a few minutes later, the meet & greet began.

                                                         Gerald Anderson ready to meet his fans!
                                                                     Dermablend soaps

     Fans lined and geared up to have a momentum with Gerald, everyone having their time to take a picture with him. I can see that people really love him because of the people outside the press/media forcing themselves in to glance at Gerald, shouting his name, You can feel the anticipation for them to see him. Guards having a hard time to suppress people because all of them are excited to see Gerald and who wouldn't be excited?

                                                   A girl fan doing a heart sign w/ Gerald :)
                                                                   Gerald have fans in all ages :)
                                      Controlling the crowd, so many fans waited just to see Gerald :)
                                                   with Joy, thanks for the invite!
    Ms. Mercedes, PR Consultant, super energetic, I don't know where she gets her energy, super lively like a teenager ;) She's super nice! Haha, the whole event was a blast because of her, she also introduced me to the brother of Gerald, forgot his name, sorry!
                         Speaking of Gerald's brother, Ms. Mercedes introduced me to him, saying that I was a blogger :) We shaked hands and had a picture taken, I hugged him and hugged me back too (must grab the opportunity always!) As what I wrote on FB, i can settle for him instead of Gerald haha! What do you think? Is he cute too?

                   A snapshot of myself while waiting for blogger's turn with Gerald
                             with my ever supportive companion,my man Brian :)

     After waiting, bloggers had the chance to meet Gerald, we were all given a chance to have a picture taking with him :)

     When it was my turn, I quickly went to Gerald and strike a pose with him, Ms. Mercedes introduced me to him saying that I was the winner of Diana Stalder and I am currently studying at San Beda and of course a blogger, Gerald said " Congrats!" and smiled at me, on the 2nd photo take, I hugged him and hugged me back too! Haha he smiled and of course, I asked a kiss from him, of course he gave me a kiss on the cheek (lucky) :P He laughed at the same time, sigh.. I can't explain the feeling, haha Oh well, dream on!

     Goodies from Dermablend

      Dermablend Soap comes in four variants: Papaya Orange (Whitening) Guava Tea Tree Soap (Antibacterial), Oatmeal (Exfoliating) and Cucumber Melon (Moisturizing).Dermablend soaps are available in ALL SM Supermarket & Hypermarket, Shopwise and Mercury Drug outlets Nationwide. For more info, like their fb page here: Dermablend

      Again, I had a great time, thanks Joy, Ms.Mercedes and all the bloggers that I've met. It was all wonderful. See you next time Dermablend team :)


Sunday, July 22, 2012

Manila Hotel's Centennial Ball: Celebrating 100 Years of Filipino Hospitality and World Class Service

      Hi lovelies, how's everyone been doing so far? I love the weather, it's the time wherein you go straight under your blankies and cuddle your soft pillows, not to mention, the perks of class suspensions :P Anyhow, a backlog of what happened during the Centennial Ball of Manila Hotel last July 04, I was one of the chosen by Tim Yap to get invites at the ball with my date Brian :) Attire for the ball was Filipiniana, imagine how I went hysterical on contemplating what to wear since I got a notice only a night before the ball itself, luckily I have my friend to the rescue and I was able to borrow her dress,( shout out to Jenny!). 

        Here's what took place on the event:

        We were guided by an usherette to lead us to the hall, the pathway was too long and I really love the red carpet feel before entering the party crowd, the place was decorated with white cloths and gave its guests such a subtle refreshing vibe.

        The Philippines' iconic Manila Hotel celebrates its centennial anniversary this year. The beautiful California- Missionary styled building designed by Architect William Parsons officially opened its doors on July 4, 1912. This first-class premiere accommodation was the first in the Philippines and was the choice of the affluent tourists who visited the country. 

The hosts that made the Celebration Livelier: Angel Jacob & Marc Nelson 

Guests in their Filipiniana attire
Our table, classic wine glasses and utensils
 The Menu for the night
I love this Sorbet!
My favorite dish, the fish is so delicious!

      After the dining proper, a toast was given by the owner and founder of Manila Hotel . There was a jam-packed of media capturing every moment of the said event. The ball also showcased different cultural dancers and served as a highlight of the party to dance the night away.

And as for me, Brian and my outfit, I wasn't able to capture much so please forgive me :) My feet was aching because I am wearing a 5-inch heel.

       Again, thank you Manila Hotel and cheers to 100 years of Filipino Hospitality and World class service!



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