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Sunday, September 25, 2011

my first shipping purchase

Hello there,

    I want to share with you guys my first purchase in an online selling store :)) haha, it arrived yesterday morning. I'm not a fan actually of  online shops because I might be scammed, or if the shop is legit, I can't seem to pay for the shipping fee because the fee almost corresponds to another item, that's a BIG VALUE :( However, I can't resist this for the super sale price <3

of course, LBC :)

as usual, Nueva Ecija ulit :) - countless people mistakenly 
recognize Nueva Vizcaya for N.E

securely wrapped--

my purchase- 3 revlon moisture stay lipstick, 
mac 10 eyeshadow palette 
and black amethyst lotion <3

i love the mac colors, although I should have chosen 
the one with orange shades which matches 
more of my morena skin tone 

my 3 revlon lipstick-- I don't know the span of time
I'll be consuming these haha <3

     My mom got these, I just woke up yesterday early in the morning because of a loud voice in our garage, I knew that it was the delivery man haha, then my mom gave it to me. However, it was supposed to be delivered the other day. I received a text message from LBC that they have a wrong address and no one knows me on the address that was stated and requesting me to go to their branch and get it. I was irritated and said that I can't go because I'm sick and the mere fact that I want it delivered made me furious. I got a reply stating that they are not wrong but the sender was to blame for the mistake, I told the shop that the address she stated was wrong, she apologized and will call the courier as soon as possible, but then found out the the courier who was encoding it was the one who did the mistake. LAKAS MAKAABALA :( err. sigh* atleast I got it na.

     Tried the eyeshadow haha, I really don't know how to put eyeshadows, I experimented and I look like a dog ( I don't want you to see my horrible eyes)so it's better for me not to post the pics although I didn't erase the pictures yet on my memory card. Haha. Next time it would be better. *cross fingers :p That's it, hope you had a great weekend, tomorrow is another day, time to booze up for monday, spreeaad the energy teehee :>



Anonymous said...

wow very nice makeups!! post your picture na... :))

Shang J. said...

GREAT. =D Waiting for the review now.

Kayleigh said...

Thanks for your lovely comment,so sorry I didnt get back to you sooner,been super busy with my project.
I know what you mean,I was super nervous when i first shopped online,but now I love it and its a lot safer than you think,plus you can find some amazing bargains and unique stuff.
Great buys,Ive never used mac make up before,but they look super gorgeous x
Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

Kayleigh said...

Thank you for your lovely comment back :)
Yes I'll be posting about how my prjects going soon,I have so much to get done in a week its crazy,so its hard finding time to blog.
Im just working on ideas and a few design ideas at the moment,nothing too exciting! :D

eji patanao said...

@ash: haha, it's too embarassing :))
@shang: i'd really try to make some swatches :)
@kayeigh: aww, can;t wait for the final outcome of your project, maybe next time, i should join :)

★ Rose ★ said...

hi there eji! thans for following my blog, follwed you back too, liked your stuffs here. i'm drooling over the Mac pallete, can you tell me what online store you bought it from? and hopefully we can see this colors on you!


eji patanao said...

@rose: hi! :) malditta shopping box, search them on fb :)) haha, i don't know how to put on eyeshadows, but i'll try :)) thanks for the comment :)

Zelle ♥ said...

Cool first purchase! I was psyched with my first online purchase before. Lol. It was a Belle de Jour planner though, not makeup. The first makeup online purchase I made was Nyx.


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