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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Love Trends-- December Fever

     Christmas is really near! OMG, I'm soo exciteed :) Today is our 13th monthsary with my boyfie aww :) But apart from that, all night partying is in a huge rage of course, and what better way to be the star stunner of the party? Dress like a Heiress :) ooh lala <3 I am introducing a shop to love, no other than-- Love Trends

     The December Fever Collection for blazers, trousers, tops, dresses to love <3:

L-R:black sheer top, light pink oversized-top

printed long sleeve polo

khaki cardigan/blazer

polka dot blazer

L-R: black dress, floral dress

green trouser & white sheer top

beige wide leg pants

printed sleeveless top

     Don't you just love the statement pieces? Of course you do! PLUS++ Love Trends has an ongoing promo for this Holiday season, FREE SHIPPING nationwide, now how lovely is that? :) I ordered mine so might as well get yours, perfect gift for trendy fashionistas out there and of course, splurge these lovely clothes for yourself ayt? :p Hey it's Christmas, do spoil yourself sometimes (that means all the time--kidding) Haha :)) Good news, Love Trends is sponsoring my blog next year--January so you guys should watch out for that <3 I'm soo excited and of course we all are :) Like Love Trends on facebook here to be updated on their latest collection <3

      Just a little trivia, one of my cousins was their model for a past collection,the girl on their display photo, Cristine Espiritu :) Oh, and the owner is a co-Bedan, studies at San Beda Law school, also a college student of San Beda where I am taking up now my degree talk about similarities :) Anyways, have a happy week, always remember that the spirit of Christmas is giving and it's all about our savior Jesus Christ :)


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Blue Bang--first outfit post

     I just wanted to share with you my outfit when I went to SM Megamall a few weeks ago, see here :) It's my first outfit post hence the photos are taken with much sweat and difficulty, these photos were taken near the entrance/exit of the mall, that's why I was a bit shy to pose in front of the camera, on the strange note, it turned out okay, whatcha think guys? :p

blurred photo :(
top: Baleno, pants: BNY 

necklace: random, bag: Tignanello

 bangles & bracelets: random, black ring: So fab!, pink ring: random

shoes: Parisian Wedge

     I don't love the color blue but I discovered it turns out that this color complements my skin tone, I don't have a fair skin which makes my life a bit challenging when it comes to dressing up, the wears and won'ts, but actually, I'm loving every bit of it. It's not what you wear but on how you wear 'em :) Royal Blue is a must for my closet haha,it makes us morenas have a good complexion without being part of the color-blocking trend, if you know what I mean :p So i'm in the look out for clothes or even shoes which has a close hue to Royal Blue <3

      Anyways, Christmas is really coming, have you finished Christmas shopping yet? Don't go with the Holiday rush, you might get yourself in a distress situation just a tip here, shop early, and Oh! The joys of wrapping-up gifts, I'm so excited! Spell it Heh :P Christmas parties are in the hype so better get yourself ready in all those killer dressing, you don't want to let yourself out of the crowd ayt? Have a great week guys and stay safe always :)


Friday, December 2, 2011

Primadonna: Shoes that makes you smexy

      Shoes make wonders, let us travel with comfort and a must have for every fashionista out there. Shoes adds a touch of class. Ladies, I tell you we may not have/own the most gorgeous feet in the world, but believe me, I must say everyone deserves to own at least a pair :)

      Ever since I walked at the Primadonna shoe store at SM San Lazaro, I knew that Primadonna will be one of my favorites. Primadonna is now making a boom in the fashion/shoe industry because of their up to date designs.Offering a wide variety of designs to suit the taste of every shoe-fetish out there. 

     Primmadonna recently launched their new designs and their newest endorser, the ever gorgeous & goddess Anne Curtis Smith. 

sweet and girly


casual and chic oxfords


     And what's even better is that you can :

     Designs are now available at SM Megamall, SM San Lazaro,SM Manila and SM Sta. Mesa. all other branches will have them starting monday next week! (Dec. 5) Head over to the nearest branch and grab your own pair of statement shoes! :)



A Holiday date: Manangs Chicken & Shakeys

     Yesterday was Andres Bonifacio ( a national hero) holiday, and of course, students like me, went crazy marking our calendars,it means no classes :)) These are the times that we can rest out for like years from all those sleepless nights. I'm sure you guys had your own way in celebrating it, but for us it had to be this way: 

     Weeks ago, me and Brian planned to have a mini marathon run and of course muscle stretching and sweat producing but unfortunately we were not able to do so because of some shallow reasons, oh well :p So we decided to do some mall strolling and I super wanna go to SM Megamall to check out Forever 21's sale and the "Buy 1 take 1" promo and of course to taste Manangs "Ang bagong fried chicken ng pinoy". (warning: food photos will be seen might as well get some wipes for the drooling :P)

   sorry for the poor pic, grabbed it from Google :)
   I wasn't able to take a picture of it because I was so hungry that time and because of some unmentionable reason :)) I'll just leave you a photo of one of their stores, for those who are looking for an alternative of the famous fried chicken, you should try it here :)

  After checking out Forever 21, hunger striked again and of course Shakey's was on our list :)

monster meat ball pasta

chicks and chips, sorry bawas na :P

manager's choice pizza

spicy, but not spicy enough for a spicy lover :)

cute <3

sorry for my eyes haha, swollen indeed :P


     The service needs to improve because I asked 3 different staffs to get us some tissue and a spoon and it seems that the 3 of them are not that even interested :( Although they are very appraochable, especially the manager who is assisting in the table seating, but still, I will rate their service as 3/5. Needs improvement, but the food was superb as always ;)

      Oh, before going home, I took a picture of the lights that hang around the entrance/exit of SM Megamall, I really can feel the Christmas spirit, it looks like the galaxy, super jaw-dropping ang peg :P

Christmas is near!! Can't wait :))

    Sorry for the food blogging entries, I'm little out of the way I know but it's great to blog things like this ayt? :) That's it, Friday is the day today, I got a class later @7:30 am, been contemplating whether I should attend class considering the fact that it is already 2:32 am right now, I can't afford to have a few hours of sleep. Wishing you a great day and a happy weekend everyone, stay dry and safe :)

P.S For my giveaway winners, sorry for the delay of the lippies, I'm still talking it over with the sponsor. Thank you for the patience :)


Monday, November 21, 2011

Legend of India

     Months ago, Brian purchased 2 vouchers from Cashcashpinoy (you can read my post here) it's a buffet on Legend of India. We made a supreme goal to try as many resto's as we can. First Brian was hesitant in purchasing the voucher because of the bad customer service, but then, hunger striked and the eagerness to try the food made him to bulge in. Actually you have to make a reservation first before you go there. We had a hard time last Saturday  because we only commuted--lrt2--mrt--bus--jeep--walk,actually we almost got lost, we walked the long street of Jupiter where the Center Stage is also located.

      At first we entered a wrong establishment, they said that their buffet is only available at weekdays, It was really dissapointing because I thought that Brian made some clarifications regarding the time, date and the availability of the voucher the last time he called them. We gave the voucher to the staff, we were really in a distressed situation knowing that we traveled that far just to have a dinner date. And then humiliation comes, actually we got into the wrong door, the Legend of India is at the next door, so without further ado, we bid goodbye to the staff and apologized, haha so much stress.

     We entered and then we made ourselves comfortable by sitting. Pictures will tell the experience:

 outside shot

classy, sophisticated interior

at first I thought that only a few dine here, my mistake, that night was jam-packed :)

super eat na :) super spicy green sauce, eeh :l

it's like a pita bread, super great with dip

plate ni brian haha, abstract ang dating :)

the buffet table

our plates--a disaster :))

     When we started eating, the food is not that hot, they only started turning on the heating paraphernalia when people started to come in, I can say that Indian food is not for me, there's this certain taste that my taste buds hate. Most of their food are curry based, and the only food that I love is the Chicken Tapia? I forgot, it tastes like chicken curry, Brian loved the fish curry. I was dissapointed, I'm sure that the food is much more delicious if we ordered straight from their menu and not on the buffet table, well who could blame them, we only got to try it out through the vouchers. Moreover, most of the dish are mixed with potatoes, I don't like it. Aww, better luck next time. more restaurants to try soon :) Legend of India is located at 114B Jupiter St., Bel-air II  Makati  City 1209 (02 836 4232)

     We started to wander the streets, we saw a lot of nightclubs and hotels, we went back to the Jupiter street and had some fun Karaoke at the Music 21 for one hour, it's only 84 pesos/per head/per hour, so we decided to give it a try since we're not in the mood yet to go home. Atleast we had some fun and quality time together :) super BITIN :)) Might try it out again next time, once that I'm in a state of being a singer :P
while waiting for our turn, we're the first one to wait :)

     That's it, it's already 3:02 in the morning, I need to sleep cause my class will be at 1:30 in the afternoon, I shouldn't be late. Have a great start of the week lovelies! :)) Wish me luck on class :) Goodmornight :)


Sunday, November 20, 2011

Earthly Jewel Collection

     The Earthly Jewel Collection is now out from one of my favorite Accessory shop which is Obsession Without Limits :)

Rose Quartz Tassel Necklace

Gold Tassel Necklace

Aventurine Orb Necklace

Blue Vintage Chain Tassel Earrings

Ribbon and Rose Quartz Drop Earrings

Vintage Red Gem and Leaf Ring

     Those are some of the Earthly theme collection, like Obsession Without Limits on Facebook and see their monthly collection :) I super want to have them all, go buy yours now! It's super affordable, who wouldn't want to splurge on them ayt? Stop drooling and get going :)


a year to cherish

     I'm back, now seriously, I want to tell you a lot of things, I'm back to school now :) Actually i had a hard time adjusting, it's like that it's been years that I haven't experienced a city with so much noise, smoke and people (haha i'm exaggerating). It felt like I was in a middle of a rummage. Good thing my friends still loves me haha :) The perks of being back again with your friends, they're the best thing in this world <3 I didn't have a hard time contemplating on what to do. BLA BLA BLA.... I was into reading blogs for the past few weeks, and I'm starting to forget that I too, have my own blog :) I'm into full recovery right now, have to take care of myself now that I am away with my mom, and here with me is my sister, she's working so she's busy so I really do need to be careful and take a lot of rest.

     Nowadays, I'm into playing Left 4 Dead 2, you know, the zombies game wherein of course you have to finish all those zombies with the available weapons all over the place, boyish right? Actually it's my first time to get hooked on something like this,  because I really don't like it when boyfie plays the game DOTA, now it's vice versa :P Oh well, I understand now why boys are into playing these games, it's very addictive :) I play it with my classmates after our class we're a team :)), that's why I always come home late, need to change that routine before I sink :P WARNING! Heh.

     Anyways, just want to share with you guys some pictures from our first anniversary date with my boyfie last November 14. We ate at Gumbo and for dessert at Krispy Kreme at Cubao :)

Parisian Bread w/ Olive Oil and Roasted Garlic


Roasted pork with fries and mixed veggies

the view outside with the giant Christmas tree :)

     Great service, the one who assisted us was Sophia, thank you again, very warm and friendly crew. Great food, although I find the taste of the Cajun rice weird, but boyfie loved it so much, he even got half of my rice to satisfy his hunger, boys talaga, super matakaw :P The fries was seasoned with barbecue flavor, yummy but oily, Calamari was super delish, especially with the dip, HEAVEN :p Of course, the best part Roasted pork, more like Spare Ribs---BITIN :)

     After that, our tummy was super full, we decided to walk around, my feet was aching because of my school shoes so I decided to go to SM Cubao to buy slippers :) Then we went to Krispy Kreme for our dessert :)

Caramel Latte, Apple Skruffle? and Chocolate chip :)
     My all time favorite, Caramel frappes, latte's anything haha :) Of course super thumbs up :) Had a great night with him, looking for more annivs to come. That's how we celebrated ours :)

     Hope you had a great weekend everyone, Monday is the day tomorrow :) Positive Vibes please :)



Friday, November 4, 2011

health is wealth/ face mask review

      Today, I feel so happy, know why? Because finally, my tube is gooone thanks to my ever patient doctor :)) I can go back to Manila and study again. I remember those student's tantrums that they are lazy enough to go to school. Well I learned something, once you're out, you'll surely gonna miss it! Guaranteed! As a student, I will cherish more my life with my studies, friends, professors and of course, my allowance :p My Economics professor once said " Enjoy your life while you're still a student, getting allowance, going to school without a problem on paying tuition fees, you'll surely gonna miss it and maybe freak out that once you're in the corporate world ". I'll keep that in mind sir :)

      About the post's title, I can now prove that health is wealth. The statement defines itself. Lovelies, please do take care of yourself, ALWAYS :) Start living healthy and be happy always! Life is short, soo please let's live a healthy lifestyle.
   In connection with living happy lifestyle, why not try to pamper yourselves right? Everybody deserves to have a relaxation and leisure time. Time to prettify ladies :))  I already tried the face mask from the face shop ( a sponsored review), I actually had to do the "eenie-meenie--miney-moo" in order for me to choose which face mask I will be using, my finger ended up on the Mung beans face mask, but still I chose the Aloe Vera, haha! Do you experience it when you have to choose by the song and ended up choosing what you really want? This happens to me all the time :)

     Anyways, here's my review of the face mask:

      Since it's my first time to use, I cleaned my face first with some cleansing bar to get rid of any unnecessary dirt or make-up, you might want to use headbands or some hair holding caps to get rid of the bangs while using the mask. I opened the pack and got the mask, very wet, the mask was folded many times so I had to be really careful in unfolding the masks, you don't wanna ruin the mask by being careless. I placed the mask on my face, I figured out that masks are made bigger in order to suit different shapes and sizes of the face, but because my face is not too big, excess mask was all over my hair and the chin and the sides of my cheeks. I really don't know how to use mask whether I should leave it and wake up the next morning or if it's only for 30 mins. etc. I can't understand what is written at the back of the mask, it's written in Korean form or something. I saw "15-20", I assumed that it is the time wherein you have to wait before you take off the mask

     The Real Nature Mask Aloe Vera ( extract grounded from fresh aloe vera 1,000mg contained). A soothing / hydrating mask sheet containing aloe extract, which hydrates and soothes the skin with a rich sense of moisturization, to provide instant care to puffy and sensitive skin.

I will rate the mask on some basic standards based on it's quality and my experience:
  •  Feeling: The mask has a minty effect, for me. Very wet and slimy. No itchy feeling or any other.
  •  Smell: The mask has an Aloe Vera smell/ cucumber. No too strong, very mild and pleasant.
  •  User friendliness: Had a very moderate difficulty on unfolding the masks, I'm a first timer so it's  not a   problem, eventually, I'll get used to it.
  •  Efficiency: The aloe vera liquid was absorbed by my face, I think that it really makes the face hydrated  and smooth and soft.
  • Side effect: Nothing.
  • Over-all rating: 5/5
    Since there's more aloe vera liquid left on the pack and on the mask, I whipped it up and applied to my skin, since it's good for the face, then it's definitely good for the skin right? That's being practical. :) Earlier this morning, my face is still soft and moisturized, ahh love every bit :) My face is refreshed from all those chemicals from the make-up and environmental factors, I still have the mask on the pack, it's still wet up to now, I'm not gonna use it again (don't worry) I just needed to get the right information before I throw it away. Since I don't know how much it costs (any idea?) surely, your money gets the best quality :)
     That's it, hope I got you the right information and helped you. Thank God it's friday, yes it is! Have a great weekend everyone! Take care! :))

P.S Who will be going at the Super Sale Bazaar at the World Trade Center? Bazaar starts today, hopefully I can drop by maybe on tomorrow or on the 6th :) Tell me okay? :)



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