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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Freeway Summer Sale

     Hurrah for Summer Sale just in time for the long holiday break! Shop til your heart is content! FREEWAY Summer Sale runs from March 28 to April 8. Up to 50%OFF on great selections and 10%OFF on regular items except National Artist Collectors' Series F. Sionil Jose and Vicente Manansala collections.

    ALL ACCESS Cardholders enjoy special discount on weekends: 30%OFF on NACS Sionil Jose and 10%OFF on NACS Manansala.

     Summer sale starts TODAY!! March 28, so hurry, run now to the nearest Freeway shop and gear up this summer heating with the HOTTEST and TRENDIEST fashion items. Promo runs from March 28 to April 8, 2012 only :)


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Catching Up

     Okay, I know, I know...cliche as it may seem, it's as if I have abandoned my precious portal, sorry guys :( One reason why I couldn't blog these past few weeks, or months (can't imagine I have died in the blogosphere)?? The heck, I don't have any camera which mean no pictures for my blog to keep you posted. It seems necessary, an essential that when you have a blog, you need a camera. WHY? Of course blogs without pictures is lifeless, dull, way too boooring :| You get my point lovelies? :( I wish I could buy one, I don't really have the money, I promised myself that from now on, I'm going to open a Peso savings account so as to save and keep track of my money, way to go for a 19 year old student like me,you might consider doing it also :)  C'mon, i'm sure y'all agree with me that money is hard to find but easy to let go, yah know what I mean don't you?

     Anyways, I just wanted to share with you guys the reason behind my Blog Title, it's because it just happened that after a long time of not spending time with each other, even though we see each other in the classroom, it's really hard to find a time wherein you could just sit down, think for a while, spend the rest of the evening pigging and pouring our hearts out, it's been waaaaaay too long the last time we did that. I have contemplated things over, yeah, my super friends we're so busy, gaah, time flies so fast like a blink of an eye, next school year, we'll be 4th year college, much more busier with our own organization, studies and the like. And then here comes Graduation, the exit from all the hardships in school :P It makes me more nostalgic that it was only a glimpse when I first stepped into College, everything was new, expectations are bound to set, you never knew what you're getting.

     Enough with the druhmah :)) I just wanted to share a pic with you, me and my other super friends, (P.S we're not complete and we're planning about something or rather doing something that will make us more aware of each other's life haha after the final exams week this week, I'm all geared up and looking forward to it!!)

At Burgoo Gateway Cubao! Jenny, Me and Ralph :)

     Sorry I smell horrible on my look, napaglipasan na ako ng ligo nean eh, 7:30 A.M ba naman ang pasok ko. :)) Sorry pics are limited, I think there we're only 3 shots, and this was the most decent pic that I could share to you my lovelies, pardon me for that ;p Oh the joys of being together with your friends is one of the precious moments that you will forever treasure and will surely keep you missing it. It dawned upon me that a few years ago, I was just a normal teenager, experiencing a lot, now I didn't even feel that I was growing, how much more when I turned 25 years old, I can spend hours thinking and reminiscing, oh time, please slow down a little bit...SIGH..

     Okay, that's enough now :)) Sorry for a lost blog post.... to my dear readers, have you ever caught yourself and pondered that "Hey, I'm so busy, time flies, I need to catch-up to the people around me, I need to catch-up with myself."? I want to know your thoughts about it, sometimes we should stop and reflect, think about how we are doing thing and at life and at the end of the day, use it as a motivation to keep your hopes up, cherish every moment and never regret anything, use it as a lesson to keep us going. ENJOY LIFE! :))

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