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Friday, September 2, 2011

Head "BANGING" headbands

Good day ladies!

     So, we all know that headbands give us a fancy crown and makes our look more girly isn't it? Well,these have outgrown the old classic look for the new bolder and rocker type chic! Headbands are worn for a feminine touch and not to mention, to hold bangs or strayed hair in a fancy way. Whether you have a short hair, medium length or that long extravagant hair, you can wear headbands to strut your hair in an oh-so-simple manner :)

Let's proceed in introducing the bands shall we?

Crepe Satin Flower Head Band P1,600
Pleated Chiffon Head Band P1,200
Flower Crochet Head Band P1,200
Bright Feathers Alice band P1,700
And, these not so common head bands, that will add up the craze in our tresses :)

Draping Chains Crown Headband with 
Enamelled Flower and 
Hanging Charms P1,890

And last but not the least the turban headbands <3

Coloured Crepe Feel Turban P950

     The chain draped and turban headbands gives us a fresher and bolder look as we strut the street and parties if we want to go style ourselves as a Boho-girl which adds a lot of zing into our look and moreover, our style and personality. Actually I don't have any of these but I'm planning to get one someday, a student is present here and definitely in a tight budget and thank goodness if there is someone out there to give me one, I'll appreciate it very much :))

     Maybe one day, If I'm in the mood, I'd wear these lovely headbands even though I'm just gonna stroll around the village and buy junk food <3 teehee.

P.S  Big thanks to Naturelle Collezionne for lending me these lovely pics. Actually guys, they have a wide  array of lovely designer dresses, make-ups, shoes and many moore! I love this store really, and whenever I log in to facebook, I just can't help but visit their online shop..soo much of being a stalker? naaah, i don't think so :) and btw, im really just  a newbie so please do drop by a comment :)) I would really love to hear from you <3



kath said...

i really dig turbans! :)


WonderWoman said...

Today's your lucky day coz I have a link for you that I'm sure you'll love:

That's right. You can learn how to make your own turban headband. :) Enjoy!


eji patanao said...

@kath: you do? aww, i don't have one actually, hopeful to get one :)

eji patanao said...

@wonder: yeah, sure i'd love to see it :)

♥Her name is Charmaine♥ said...

Awww... how cute :DD guess u realli like em! :D i replied you in my post that u commented ;)

eji patanao said...

@char yes i really do, hoping to have one of em if i got the resources,thank you :)

kath said...

thank you for your sweet message! :) and for following, followed you back! :) the turban i was wearing on 1 of my post, i just used a scarf..i watch a tutorial on youtube how to tie it :)

eji patanao said...

@mommy kath: i want to make one, or even learn how to tie one :)) thank you!

Anonymous said...

its so cute!! btw im a new follower, following back is much appreciated thank you and also join my blog giveaway


eji patanao said...

@ash: done!

Bec said...

I love them all! :)

Btw, I am a new follower. Hope you can follow me back :)


kath said...

hi eji!
here is a link you can try :)

turban style headband

eji patanao said...

@bec: done, loved ur B.U.M event :)

@mommy kath: tahnk you! <3

Victoria'sProcrastinationProject said...

Thanks for the comment! Love all these hairbands :)


Jenn said...

I saw the dangling chains turban on one of michelle phan's videos and been dying to get a similar one ever since! thank you for this post. kaya lang it's expensive pala. will save up muna then i will buy! :D

i'm a new follower. hope you can check out my blog too. :D


eji patanao said...

@jenn: really? that's awesome! been dying also to have one, haha, yeah it's expensive, it's ordered in U.K pa ata eh :))


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