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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

1000 Followers Giveaway! - INTERNATIONAL

Hello luvlies!
     Here is another giveaway:

misskatv.com giveaway

     I tried my luck and am hopeful to get this, this includes:

In Your Face Kabuki Brush
4 Shimer Neutral Eyeshadow Shimmers in
Antique Copper,
Army Brown
and Camo Beige
1 pair KkcenterHK Eye Chic lashes in 464
1 pair KkcenterHK EyeChic lashes in 886
These lashes are originally sent out for a review. But I have 4 pairs of each kind already
so I wanted to share it with you also. :)
1 Skin food gold caviar lifting eye serum sampler
1 Skin food gold caviar toner sampler
1 Skin food gold caviar collagen sampler
1 Skin food gold caviar emulsion sampler
1 Bench Nose strip
1 iWhite Korea Face Mask
1 White Korea Skin Whitening Vita Face cream
Hearts cellphone lanyard
Cozee me "poo" pad holder
1 Yummycharm lipstick phone charm
1 Yummycharm foundation phone charm
1 Yummycharm blush phone charm
1 Tinypinkbow earrings
1 Tinypinkbow onigiri ring

     So what are you waiting for? Try your luck, click this for more details: 1000 followers give-away :)


Monday, August 29, 2011

Makeup Diary's Huge "Just Because" Thank You Giveaway! Three winners!

Hey gals!

     Haha,  Actually I was really amazed, especially for the first prize, since a lot of make-up items that are sooo gorgeous are at stake in this give away, so if you do wanna join, please visit this link http://www.makeupdiary.org/2011/08/makeup-diarys-huge-just-because-thank.html and follow the steps :)) isn't that exciting?

make-up diary's give-away

     I want to be the first prize winner since I've never won in any giveaway like this, plus I'm still a newbie. wooooo! fingers-crossed :)

Saturday, August 27, 2011

clinique eye make-up remover

Hello there!

      I sort of finding and digging stuffs in my mom's kikay kit, YES! Even moms have their own pamper kits :)) teehee. Cause we are girls and it's not new to swim on all those kawaii stuffs <3 I saw this Clinique eye make-up remover and decided to give it a try since we all know how difficult to remove mascaras (especially the water proofs) , eyeliners, eyeshadow, because even though we remove them, sometimes it gives our delicate eyes a messy smudge which makes it more horrible :( na-ah-ah, but finding the right kind of eye make-up remover is simply the solution.

Clinique (eye rinse-off) make-up remover

     So, without further ado, I smudge on a waterproof mascara in brown on my arm, sorry , I did not put in on my eyes because at that time, my eyes were very itchy :( , and I removed it with a tissue, and it's very hard to remove. ( yeah, I'm so lame for using tissue as my wiper) so it doesn't work much with tissue, so I used another wiper which is the oh-so famous cotton balls, and then, it's as easy as 1-2-3! Voila, the smudge is gone, although as you can see if you are very ocular, the second pic where the smudge was gone has a light pink, sorry my skin is very sensitive and I scrubbed it with tissue and cotton so more friction was made, and it made my skin pinkish, but not to worry, it's just initial :)

the before and after
     There you go! Finding the right make-up remover that is suited for your skin type is the way to go :) Tell me what kind of make-up remover you use cause I'd love to hear from you <3 Please feel free to comment, it'll bring much inspiration to me. Heeeeyyaaa! :)))


Thursday, August 25, 2011

harlequin bangles

Hello Ladies!

     Well, just came back with a few particular pieces, because all night I've been searching this one of a kind vintage-harlequin inspired bangles and no doubt, these will make any simple outfit turn into a fabulous one! Ever heard of the Harlequin bangles? Well, I got a few of this harlequin-inspired bangles that will surely spice-up any ensemble :))


P220 each

     These bangles will be a great combo in any kind of get-up, from a casual look, to partial or formal gatherings. These kind of bangles have stones that will surely give the luxury to any lady who wears 'em. It will give you the feeling to go retro in perspective, plus ++ it's budget friendly so who wouldn't want to splurge on them ayt? :))

     And, many thanks the to the SaucyGirlshop for lending me this  oh-so-awesome pics for my blog. This Harlequin bangles can be bought at http://www.facebook.com/SaucyGirlShop and OH! don't ever forget, try to browse their albums and who knows, you might find other gorgeous pieces there that might go well to your fashion personality <3 I'm excited to own one of these fine accessories, how about you? I'd love to hear from your own dazzling experience on having one of these :)


getting started

Hello there ladies!

     Getting started on my first blog, here are a few essentials that you might want to know about me:

  1. My real full name is : Rejille Mamaoag Patanao  
  2. I'm taking up BSBA major in Marketing and Corporate Communications @ San Beda College
  3. I am of legal age ;) 18.
  4. I am with my boyfriend for almost 9 months and 4ever:)) ( we're in a distance relationship right now because of unexpected circumstances)
  5. I'm talkative cause it's my hobby.
  6. I love dancing.
  7. I am a PLUS-SIZE ladeeh :))
  8. I want to do everything under the sun and at night time too :">
  9.  I'm a second child, yeah. It's hard sometimes.     
  10.  I'm a shoe-earrings-fettish. <3
      I dream of working in a BIG company after I graduate. Maybe someday, if chances are too absurd, I'd really love to be a Disc Jock on a famous radio station, I want to be a make-up artist, I'd also be really interested if there are opportunities in hosting :)

     Soooo, from my blog title w/c is "Getting Started" , I initially chose this one because of all the inspirations I've seen through all  the blogs. I really loooove reading blogs.  From arts, design, music, movies and books, to makeup, fashion, food and travel.. I just want to learn from you guys and hopefully you get to learn from my blogs too! :)) Getting started to document all my adventures, on the different clothing trends, to sumptuous meals that will surely make our mouths water. In fact I did get an advice from my sweet boyfriend if i should do this, and he gave me all the support <3 

     As the saying goes: "You can take no credit for beauty at sixteen.  But if you are beautiful at sixty, it will be your soul's own doing.  ~Marie Stopes". Beauty comes in all sizes, color or whatever body shape you have. It's in the confidence to carry ourselves beyond of what other people might say or think. Believe that we are BEAUTIFUL and the rest follows :)



 So, aside from the things stated above, I will also post updates on movies, places, books to read and many more things that I'm fond of doing :) hope you guys will enjoy reading my blog, actually I'm not a pro-blogger so I ask for your forgiveness if ever you find it a not-so-good but I'll really really try my best to attend to your needs, questions and comments :)

Oh, btw, please feel free to comment on my blog, im new here so might as well help me. I'd super duper love to hear from you guys! :)) 



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