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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

the pressure

     Yesterday was a scheduled time for me to go to the hospital, if you've been reading my past post, you will know why I have to stop in college to recover from my major operation. It's really hard to wait in line and then knowing that the doctor cannot see you, I have waited for almost  3 1/2 hours, but his secretary told me that he cannot see me and I could just go back the next day after lunch... Haay, so much hassle..

 waiting for the secretary to call me..

me, having a photo snap :)) haha (sorry for the effect of the light)

     Again, I went to the hospital this afternoon, my doctor told me to wait at the Emergency room for the changing of my tube, I waited for long hours, Gaaaad, a substitute doctor was the one who changed my tube,not the one who was assigned to me, unfortunately, there was a problem :((  Things just keep on getting worse, Im pressured, if I couldn't finish my procedure before the start of the next semester, I just can't continue still my studies, I really need your prayers. My boyfriend and I haven't been seeing each other for 7 months, I can't stand not seeing him again. Long distance relationship is really hard. I thank my boyfriend for not giving up on me and supporting me all the way :(  We will be having our 11th monthsary this 14, what else could I expect, again, a call from him, no dinner date. :( 

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Sarah said...

I'm sorry about the hassle. I hate it when I'm really nervous or dreading something and it's been delayed.


Myrted said...

Aww, that's a sad news to hear. I hope you all the best... My prayers are with, just keep on fighting love, you can do it. :) Happy monthsary to you and your bf. :D

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry your going through this, i will keep you in my prayers and wish you the best of luck in our recovery!


"imitate those who through faith and patience inherit what has been promised" (Hebrews 6:12)

MissGennD said...

Hi babe~
Sorry to hear abt the bad news. I've had a knee surgery too last year due to a badminton accident. It sucks waiting for your turn to be checked, and have you to return the next day is worst. I'll pray for your fast recovery.

On the Anniv date, maybe you can skype with your boyf and eat dinner together through skype? wachutink? =)

Melly said...

Sweet pic. :)

Fabrizia said...

I'm sorry for the bad news!Hope you get well soon! Take a look at my blog, and if you like it follow me, I’ll be waiting for you!

Cosa mi metto???

mishka said...

Fist of all I want to say you thank you for your lovely comment on my blog.
I appreciate it :)
Ohh my dear, I hope you get well soon :)

losaway said...

Love your blog, is great.
Follow you!
Follow me back? :)


Empress Za Lemore said...

I hope your feeling better darling. I will definitely keep you in my prayers.

Love, www.shoeocracy.blogspot.com


Agora tô pronta said...

Hi, thanks for visiting!
I'm following you.
kisses ♥

kath said...

awww..sorry to hear you're going through a tough period..you'll be in my prayers dear..advance happy monthsary to you and bf

Eden said...

awww dear love, i can relate to both situations! my boyfriend is away (been away for 8 months na) and i know how this feels. naglive in pa kami before so its extra painful to be detached. also, i know what its like to dread something w the doctor, i've always been extra sickly when i was young so i know how this is. be strong, these things have their merits, itll teach you to be stronger:)

great to discover your site, come visit/follow me, if you like, would love to hear from you:)


Anonymous said...

praying for your speedy recovery!!! getwell soon


Glamorous Barbie ♥ said...

aww hope u get well soon!!
i knw wot u r goin through...missing bf is vry painful!hah

Disturbed Style said...

Wow! Great blog and photos! I love it :)

Eva said...

Wish you to get well soon, doll! xoxo


Kat said...

aw i hope you get better soon! :)


Skinny leather pants said...

So sorry to read about this! You are in my prayers...I'm sure everything is going to be fine!
thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm checking out your give away now.....
btw absence makes the heart grow fonder! I'm following you!

The Electric Heart Girl said...

i couldnt find you follwing me..can yu please recheck and follow if it is not done..::)
ANd im really sorry for how you feel..please be strong and congratulations on your 11 months..
takecare of your health..:)

Nixie Pyrena said...

Long distance relationship might be hard, it is worth the wait, happy monthiversary to you and your bf and i hope u get well soon :D

The Endless Wishlist

Anonymous said...

Pretty girl. :D

Anastasia from Natbeesfashion said...

oh girl hope u r better now!
come visit my blog and if you like it maybe we can follow each other?
have a nice day!

Alice Dias said...

Your blog is amazing! Loved it!!!
I am already your follower!!
Could you follow me too! Please!!!!!

Duygu said...

I'm so in love with your blogging-style dear, really unique and lovely post :))

one thing, could you please please do me a favour and vote for me by liking my photo on this link :)


It really means a lot to me :) puss puss and huggs from <3 <3


Glenn Encinares said...

Hi Eji, Hope your okey :)thanks for visiting my blog :)I followed you already you can follow back if you like :)

Glenn of Gencified

eji patanao said...

hello guys, thanks for the advices and prayers!! it made my day :)) i really am smiling BIG TIME :))

Fabrizia said...

Thank you so much for your sweet comment !!!I'm so sorry about that..but I'm pretty sure that after that operation you will get definitely well! Wish you all the best!
Come back soon to visit my blog, I'll be waiting for you!!

Cosa mi metto???

Love Sushi and Fashion said...

I hope everything goes well! <3<3

Rogerio Rinaldi e Glorinha Rinaldi said...

We love your blog, we are always here giving all the news.
bjs of Glorinha
Creators Earring Flower of Life.

inmyhansonshirt said...

I'm so sorry to hear about everything that has been happening with you. You are definitely in my thoughts. I hope things start getting better very very soon. <3


Francesca Giusti said...

love your blog! I follow u!
pass to my blog and follow me too :D

Reptilia said...


Thanks for your comment! I´m really sorry for you, hope things start getting better!



Melissa Tchieu said...

Im following you now :) <3


Cailin´s Place said...

thnaks for your comment!follow u!hope u can follow me back!kisses darling!


Arvin U. de la Peña said...

wish you a good health lagi......kaya mo iyan...

Onto My Wardrobe said...

thank u so much for commenting on my blog!
i love ur one!


Sabina said...

Ugh--that is just inexcusable. For you to have to wait that long and not get seen is just wrong. Sorry that happened! Good luck when you go back though. If they keep you waiting long again though or if the doctor doesn't give you what feels like adequate time, I say switch hospitals.

Anyway despite the hospital lighting that is a pretty pic of you.


Con Limón y Sal said...

Ohh we're sorry for you bad nwes!! We hope you get on well very soon!!

Thsnks for your post! we're now folling you! you too?


Kayleigh said...

Thanks so much for your sweet comment,and i entered your fab giveaway!
Aww im so sorry to hear your having a tough time at the minute,sounds awful,hope your doing ok! Hope you manage to have a nice relaxing weekend x

eji patanao said...

thank you guys!! :)) your comments are so sweet, makes me smile :))

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Great post!


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Laura Galán said...

Hello! I hope you recover soon and can continue with your studies ..
I command a lot of strength from Barcelona ...

Thank you very much for visiting Durabilité ;O)

See you soon!

roviedear said...

i hope you're doing fine. I can relate dear, ive been through a major surgery too and there are still problems too. im praying with you. mind if we become blog friends? :)


nice post ... I will follow you come into my blog and follow me kiss you too ...


Sabrina said...

nice blog! :) i'm folowing you <3

caise said...

You look so adorable ;-)
Oh I'm so sorry! I hope you feel so much better!
and I can understand long distance relationships suck :-(
I hope you will meet your bf asap!

eji patanao said...

thanks again guys!! love your wonderful comments :))

Cantarella said...

ur so beautiful*_* u got a new follower ;3
and thank u for the comment <3



KorasVictory said...

We era sorry for you, but in Spain we use to say, after bad times are allways good timas waiting to come. Get well soon and keep your boyfriend, there is not a lot of really good guys outside.

Ps, we are following you now.

thehiddenfairy said...

sorry to hear that! goodluck to your treatment!

thanks for the visit!

Mitha Komala said...

omg i hope you are alright, get well soon! love your blog btw <3

follow me if you love to, and i'll follow you back :)


Flaviana Boni said...

hope you get well soon dear!

Check out my new outfit post!
MY BLOG: Dress up for armageddon

Lola Finn said...

Thank you so much for your nice commet, honey! :)
Great blog!


Chantal said...

Cute picture.
Thanks for your comment.


anney said...

Grabe ang tagal mo pinag antay ha! Di ko alam yung tungkol sa major operation mo e pero whatever it is you'll be in my thoughts and prayers!

Come At Me Bro said...

This is great!

Lucia Marcote said...

thanks a lot for your comment on my blog!!! yor blog is great!!!

Get well!!! :)

Life,Twins,DramaQueen said...

Thanks for stopping by and following me. I just wanted to let you know that I am returning the favor.
I look forward to reading more from your Blog. I hope you'll stop by to visit from time to time.

Noelle Chantal said...

I'm sorry to hear about what you are going through. I hope everything is going to be fine with you soon. Just pray and always stay positive no matter what. :)

Have a great week!

ML said...

Argh, I would totally freak out! Waiting that long so the secretary could tell me to come back other day?? Such a lunatics!
Hope you and your boyfriend will see each other very soon. Happy anniversary! :-D
Thanks for your comment sunshine.


Fabrizia said...

You look so lovely! I like your style!
Take a look at my blog, and if you like it follow me, I’ll be waiting for you!

Cosa mi metto???

Ask Erena said...

Get well soon! I will be praying for you.
hugs from New York,
Ask Erena

adthenshesmiled said...

Love your blog! Just wanna let you know that I awarded you the versatile blogger award. Check it out here: http://adthenshesmiled.blogspot.com/2011/10/versatile-blogger-its-my-first-award.html


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