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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Posh Nails Experience

     I have never tried to pamper myself,  I don't go to spa's, massage clinics or even salons to have a pedicure or manicure, I just go to salons for my hair to be treated, I don't know the feeling of having a facial or anything that's stress relieving. So when I learned that I am one of the winners of the SM Marikina Posh nails giveaway, I was so ecstatic :)

     Here's a backlog of my Posh nails experience a few weeks ago, I was picked as the first winner of the "12 Days of Christmas Giveaway" of Posh nails SM Marikina. I won a foot spoiler and so I and Brian went to Sm Marikina to claim my prize. Actually Marikina is very far from where I live, which is Sampaloc Manila, but Brian was nice enough to accompany me because he lives in Marikina and is very familiar of the place :)

The front desk. love how the store was popped with pink and purple, very posh <3

So many nail arts to choose from :)

The promo/ events board

Having a quick snap :)

Others who are having their own pampering session

Reading while relaxing teehee ">

     After an hour or so, I saw the results and it was awesome, sorry I don't have the pics of the finished product haha! These pictures were taken through a cellphone camera hence the quality. Actually I had to choose on earth colors but then opted to try the red violet and disco glitters of O.P.I nail lacquers. I don't have slippers so ate requested me to buy one, she offered me a Posh nails slippers made customize from Banana Peel worth Php 150, not bad, I just went in without having to pay for the services so I bought them :).
      My feet smelled good and was soft haha :) I don't really own the most beautiful pair of feet but I really wanted to take care of it as much as I can because gorgeous feet fits best on the most gorgeous pair of shoes :)) I was really happy because I myself had tried something like this. I promise not to deprive myself and took an oath that every once in a while to indulge myself on some pampering services . We all should ladies! It's self rewarding to see yourself relax and letting all the stress off of you, after all, it's not bad to beautify, it's our nature right? OF COURSE IT IS!!  :)) Have you tried any pampering services? Please do tell me <3

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