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Friday, December 2, 2011

A Holiday date: Manangs Chicken & Shakeys

     Yesterday was Andres Bonifacio ( a national hero) holiday, and of course, students like me, went crazy marking our calendars,it means no classes :)) These are the times that we can rest out for like years from all those sleepless nights. I'm sure you guys had your own way in celebrating it, but for us it had to be this way: 

     Weeks ago, me and Brian planned to have a mini marathon run and of course muscle stretching and sweat producing but unfortunately we were not able to do so because of some shallow reasons, oh well :p So we decided to do some mall strolling and I super wanna go to SM Megamall to check out Forever 21's sale and the "Buy 1 take 1" promo and of course to taste Manangs "Ang bagong fried chicken ng pinoy". (warning: food photos will be seen might as well get some wipes for the drooling :P)

   sorry for the poor pic, grabbed it from Google :)
   I wasn't able to take a picture of it because I was so hungry that time and because of some unmentionable reason :)) I'll just leave you a photo of one of their stores, for those who are looking for an alternative of the famous fried chicken, you should try it here :)

  After checking out Forever 21, hunger striked again and of course Shakey's was on our list :)

monster meat ball pasta

chicks and chips, sorry bawas na :P

manager's choice pizza

spicy, but not spicy enough for a spicy lover :)

cute <3

sorry for my eyes haha, swollen indeed :P


     The service needs to improve because I asked 3 different staffs to get us some tissue and a spoon and it seems that the 3 of them are not that even interested :( Although they are very appraochable, especially the manager who is assisting in the table seating, but still, I will rate their service as 3/5. Needs improvement, but the food was superb as always ;)

      Oh, before going home, I took a picture of the lights that hang around the entrance/exit of SM Megamall, I really can feel the Christmas spirit, it looks like the galaxy, super jaw-dropping ang peg :P

Christmas is near!! Can't wait :))

    Sorry for the food blogging entries, I'm little out of the way I know but it's great to blog things like this ayt? :) That's it, Friday is the day today, I got a class later @7:30 am, been contemplating whether I should attend class considering the fact that it is already 2:32 am right now, I can't afford to have a few hours of sleep. Wishing you a great day and a happy weekend everyone, stay dry and safe :)

P.S For my giveaway winners, sorry for the delay of the lippies, I'm still talking it over with the sponsor. Thank you for the patience :)



Anonymous said...

yummmm now I'm so hungry

inmyhansonshirt said...

It looks like some great food! And I love the picture of all the lights - so pretty!


eji patanao said...

@cottoncandY: mee too, makes me wanna crave :)
@inmyhansonshirt: thank you, the lights were very pretty indeed :)

Anonymous said...

yummy with the pizza!!

I got hungry!! Anyway thanks for the comment! yeah in mexico we drink champurrado is great!!

I am following you! if you like follow too(:



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