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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

ELSWEAR-- 2nd collection / holiday 1

     I miss blogging, ahhhh! :) I've been lazy for the past few days, problem with my boyfriend but now we're okay :)) big smile on my face :D, pressure with my procedures, it's like that the "ber" months for me are drag as hell, but still, im a fighter, so stress, GET AWAY FROM ME >:) Apparently, I have received so much good vibes from you guys, many supported my giveaway, it's like a huge present for my birthday since I never celebrated my 19th birthday last October 1, I just bought things for myself, a birthday present for me,a shoes and a belt since I really never invested on any belt, it's just like I just wanted to play with my clothes and I also got my hair rebonded :)) You could just imagine my hair sticking to my face. Of course once your hair is rebonded, I really think that you may not look that good yet, after 2 weeks I guess, you can see the real essence that transpires within your hair--BOOM! Because as time goes by, it gets volumized (just a little bit, but still, it is so damn straight like from those shampoo commercials wink^^).

     Anyways, I wanted to share with you guys ELSWEAR 's newest collection <3

 RACHEL, faux fur dress, color: gray

 AMBER, lace dress, color:black

CHLOE, hoodie trench coat, color: black, white

CHLOE, hoodie trench coat, color: black, white 

I just wanna share with you guys what I got from them, tadaaaaaaaaaa (drum roll please :">)

it's from the first collection actually :) still haven't got a picture of me wearing this loove <3

     Those are just some of the awesome pieces from ELSWEAR, go like them on facebook, they also have hair extensions, sexy wears and swimsuits :)) Perfect for any season <3 That's it, hope you are having a great week so far, Christmas is near, Of course I wouldn't be left out for all those party craze, after all, I'm getting ready to dress up, hopefully more blog posts for me so stick around :D

     P.S  Don't forget to join my sponsored giveaway :) click here, ends on Oct. 31 <3



WonderWoman said...

Gah! I want the trench coat! I think I'm going to order it now. :p

Please join my giveaway, btw, if you haven't yet: http://wonderwomanrises.blogspot.com/2011/10/impulse-co-x-bangkok-goodies-giveaway.html

Anonymous said...

CHLOE is classy!

inmyhansonshirt said...

I'm glad things are better with you and your boyfriend! I love these pictures so much. What beautiful stuff!


Anonymous said...

oh the trench coat is beautiful!

Melissa said...

That coat is stunning! x

Confessions of a Psycho Cat said...

Amazing coats, really really beautiful :)
P.s. thank you for your lovely comment :*

eji patanao said...

@wonderwoman: you should buy now, i think they only have limited stocks :) i already joined ur giveaway :)
@itin: yes it is :)
@inmyhansonshirt: thank you! im also glad :)
@cottoncandyink:yes it is :)
@melissa:many said so :)
@confessions: you are welcome :)

Michaeline said...

Love this collection!
Its very chic.
Hope their note xpensive may check out their store!
Thx 4 the comments !


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