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Sunday, November 20, 2011

a year to cherish

     I'm back, now seriously, I want to tell you a lot of things, I'm back to school now :) Actually i had a hard time adjusting, it's like that it's been years that I haven't experienced a city with so much noise, smoke and people (haha i'm exaggerating). It felt like I was in a middle of a rummage. Good thing my friends still loves me haha :) The perks of being back again with your friends, they're the best thing in this world <3 I didn't have a hard time contemplating on what to do. BLA BLA BLA.... I was into reading blogs for the past few weeks, and I'm starting to forget that I too, have my own blog :) I'm into full recovery right now, have to take care of myself now that I am away with my mom, and here with me is my sister, she's working so she's busy so I really do need to be careful and take a lot of rest.

     Nowadays, I'm into playing Left 4 Dead 2, you know, the zombies game wherein of course you have to finish all those zombies with the available weapons all over the place, boyish right? Actually it's my first time to get hooked on something like this,  because I really don't like it when boyfie plays the game DOTA, now it's vice versa :P Oh well, I understand now why boys are into playing these games, it's very addictive :) I play it with my classmates after our class we're a team :)), that's why I always come home late, need to change that routine before I sink :P WARNING! Heh.

     Anyways, just want to share with you guys some pictures from our first anniversary date with my boyfie last November 14. We ate at Gumbo and for dessert at Krispy Kreme at Cubao :)

Parisian Bread w/ Olive Oil and Roasted Garlic


Roasted pork with fries and mixed veggies

the view outside with the giant Christmas tree :)

     Great service, the one who assisted us was Sophia, thank you again, very warm and friendly crew. Great food, although I find the taste of the Cajun rice weird, but boyfie loved it so much, he even got half of my rice to satisfy his hunger, boys talaga, super matakaw :P The fries was seasoned with barbecue flavor, yummy but oily, Calamari was super delish, especially with the dip, HEAVEN :p Of course, the best part Roasted pork, more like Spare Ribs---BITIN :)

     After that, our tummy was super full, we decided to walk around, my feet was aching because of my school shoes so I decided to go to SM Cubao to buy slippers :) Then we went to Krispy Kreme for our dessert :)

Caramel Latte, Apple Skruffle? and Chocolate chip :)
     My all time favorite, Caramel frappes, latte's anything haha :) Of course super thumbs up :) Had a great night with him, looking for more annivs to come. That's how we celebrated ours :)

     Hope you had a great weekend everyone, Monday is the day tomorrow :) Positive Vibes please :)




Anonymous said...

yummm, the food looks good! congrats on your anniversary ;-)

roviedear said...

how's the caramel frappe in krispy kreme? is it good?

happy anniversary to the two of you":)

eji patanao said...

@cootn: thank you!
@rovie: the frappe is good, same with starbucks, more on coffee taste nga lang ung latter :) thanks!


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