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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Blue Bang--first outfit post

     I just wanted to share with you my outfit when I went to SM Megamall a few weeks ago, see here :) It's my first outfit post hence the photos are taken with much sweat and difficulty, these photos were taken near the entrance/exit of the mall, that's why I was a bit shy to pose in front of the camera, on the strange note, it turned out okay, whatcha think guys? :p

blurred photo :(
top: Baleno, pants: BNY 

necklace: random, bag: Tignanello

 bangles & bracelets: random, black ring: So fab!, pink ring: random

shoes: Parisian Wedge

     I don't love the color blue but I discovered it turns out that this color complements my skin tone, I don't have a fair skin which makes my life a bit challenging when it comes to dressing up, the wears and won'ts, but actually, I'm loving every bit of it. It's not what you wear but on how you wear 'em :) Royal Blue is a must for my closet haha,it makes us morenas have a good complexion without being part of the color-blocking trend, if you know what I mean :p So i'm in the look out for clothes or even shoes which has a close hue to Royal Blue <3

      Anyways, Christmas is really coming, have you finished Christmas shopping yet? Don't go with the Holiday rush, you might get yourself in a distress situation just a tip here, shop early, and Oh! The joys of wrapping-up gifts, I'm so excited! Spell it Heh :P Christmas parties are in the hype so better get yourself ready in all those killer dressing, you don't want to let yourself out of the crowd ayt? Have a great week guys and stay safe always :)



Jenn said...

the necklace is beautiful! <3

The Pink Lemonade Girl

Anonymous said...

love this bright top

Peiyinn said...

Like your outfit of the day! Comfy outfit! :)


Love the shoes!


KorasVictory said...

I love that shade of blue as you said, Its great with not too pale skin.

inmyhansonshirt said...

That blue looks amazing on you. Also, I love your shoes!

Anne Garais said...

love the necklace..the color of your top looks good on you. :)

.helen said...

love the shirt and the wedges!!! this colour is really for you :P


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