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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Dermablend: Meet & Greet w/ Gerald Anderson

     Giving-up a day for reviewing my lessons just to attend an event in MOA is a huge sacrifice, but who can blame me for going, aside from the boring process of studying before my Midterms Examination, atleast I can stroll around the mall, meet other bloggers, and of course having the chance to spare some time to see before my very own eyes, Gerald Anderson :)

      I was invited by Joy, who is also a blogger to attend the said event so she can give me the prizes that I won from her giveaway Diana Stalder GC's and of course some products too. Who am I to say no right? So  despite the strong wind and rain, I still went. The event took place at Watsons inside MOA last August 5, I arrived with the people flocking in to the area although there are no signs yet of the prestige actor. Then, after meeting up with Joy and handing me my prizes, a few minutes later, the meet & greet began.

                                                         Gerald Anderson ready to meet his fans!
                                                                     Dermablend soaps

     Fans lined and geared up to have a momentum with Gerald, everyone having their time to take a picture with him. I can see that people really love him because of the people outside the press/media forcing themselves in to glance at Gerald, shouting his name, You can feel the anticipation for them to see him. Guards having a hard time to suppress people because all of them are excited to see Gerald and who wouldn't be excited?

                                                   A girl fan doing a heart sign w/ Gerald :)
                                                                   Gerald have fans in all ages :)
                                      Controlling the crowd, so many fans waited just to see Gerald :)
                                                   with Joy, thanks for the invite!
    Ms. Mercedes, PR Consultant, super energetic, I don't know where she gets her energy, super lively like a teenager ;) She's super nice! Haha, the whole event was a blast because of her, she also introduced me to the brother of Gerald, forgot his name, sorry!
                         Speaking of Gerald's brother, Ms. Mercedes introduced me to him, saying that I was a blogger :) We shaked hands and had a picture taken, I hugged him and hugged me back too (must grab the opportunity always!) As what I wrote on FB, i can settle for him instead of Gerald haha! What do you think? Is he cute too?

                   A snapshot of myself while waiting for blogger's turn with Gerald
                             with my ever supportive companion,my man Brian :)

     After waiting, bloggers had the chance to meet Gerald, we were all given a chance to have a picture taking with him :)

     When it was my turn, I quickly went to Gerald and strike a pose with him, Ms. Mercedes introduced me to him saying that I was the winner of Diana Stalder and I am currently studying at San Beda and of course a blogger, Gerald said " Congrats!" and smiled at me, on the 2nd photo take, I hugged him and hugged me back too! Haha he smiled and of course, I asked a kiss from him, of course he gave me a kiss on the cheek (lucky) :P He laughed at the same time, sigh.. I can't explain the feeling, haha Oh well, dream on!

     Goodies from Dermablend

      Dermablend Soap comes in four variants: Papaya Orange (Whitening) Guava Tea Tree Soap (Antibacterial), Oatmeal (Exfoliating) and Cucumber Melon (Moisturizing).Dermablend soaps are available in ALL SM Supermarket & Hypermarket, Shopwise and Mercury Drug outlets Nationwide. For more info, like their fb page here: Dermablend

      Again, I had a great time, thanks Joy, Ms.Mercedes and all the bloggers that I've met. It was all wonderful. See you next time Dermablend team :)



Michael Macalos said...

wow! looking fab and fierce! :)
mukha namang haggard si gerald sa first pic (LOL)

mcfpub said...

It was a pleasure to have met you and thank you so much for joining us.
you're a Keeoer:)

roviedear said...

lakas makahug kay gerard :) great event rejille!:)
Rovie, The Bargain Doll

eji patanao said...

thanks michael! haha hndi siya haggard jan, must be the facial expression lang cguro ;)

eji patanao said...

Thank you! So happy to have met you guys! ;))

eji patanao said...

Haha, sayang naman ang pabango pag hndi ko nahigop rovie ;) sayang ang chance, grab lang ng grab :) thanks!!

JayL Aquino said...

omg. you got my photo pala! *right-click save as* hehehe :)

eji patanao said...

haha, i was thinking wag na isama ung ibang pjcs to thispost kasi photo heavy na dating nea, buti na lang wink* :)

YANI said...

You met Ate Joy and Tita Kit na pala :) They are kind.

CJ said...

I was about to say the brother! Go for the brother! But then I saw yours and Gerald's pic and I thought he was such a cutie! Sooo handsome, not so sure about the beard but I'm hoping it's a phase.



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