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Thursday, November 3, 2011

the face shop--face masks

      Earlier this morning, i received a note coming from the postal office, at first I was thinking what package are they pertaining, and I remember, it must be (the) thebeautyphase's face masks from the face shop that they sent me to make a review and to try them myself :) So, before going to the hospital for my scheduled x-ray, I dropped by at the Post office first to check out my parcel :)

   Here is the package, came all the way from Singapore:

     I got 6 masks to review:

cereal black soybean mask sheet

real nature mask aloe vera

fresh fruit punica mask sheet

living nature mask mung bean

cereal rice mask sheet

living nature mask olive

     Since I am new in using face masks, I will try one by one and will try to do some reviews,honestly, I only use moisturizers for my face, and of course a cleansing bar to clean my face from the make-up. I am a not a professional when it comes to skin regimen, but hey, some of the best reviews still come from the people without further or who has little knowledge/ first timers when it comes to beauty/skin care. Anyhow, have you tried any of these face masks? How was the outcome? Tell me :)

     My x-ray was all done today, I'm soo happy with the result! Yes at last, further step to enrollment, tomorrow will go to the hospital again, can't imagine that it turned out to be my 2nd home, haha, anyways, Christmas season is coming, I can smell the spirit of Christmas. Hope you guys are having a great week, stay safe :)



Anonymous said...

can't wait for these reviews!! ;-)

Meena said...

I would love to try these...interesting combos!!


MC said...

I can't wait for the reviews too. Ang swerte mo naman sis! :)

Kayleigh said...

Wow these look so good they look edible :D
Thanks so much for your comment,hope you have a wonderful weekend x

inmyhansonshirt said...

I'm sure your reviews will be great!


MereMakeupManiac said...

take care! hope your condition is not so bad and you'll be up and running again in no time! (^_^)

i don't wear masks too but i want to start on them soon. masks are supposed to support hydration and specific ones target other skin problems like lifting sagging skin, minimize pores, etc. will wait for your reviews! (^_^)

kath said...

will wait for your reviews :)

eji patanao said...

@cottoncandy: haha thanks :)
@meena: you should it's nice actually :)
@MC: haha, hndi nman sis :)
@kayleigh: haha looks like they're edible because of the masks flavors :)
@inmyhansonshirt: thanks!
@meremakeupmaniac: thank you so much dear!! you should try masks, either way, it will make our face mo refreshed :)

Rindodo ♥ said...

waah I went to The face shop counter yesterday and now I regret that I didn't buy these mask >.<~~~

Anonymous said...

Aww i love make and these once look great! : )


Anonymous said...

I love the face masks,but I´ve never used of Aloe Vera,soybean,rice...I have to try...
Thanks for your lovely comment,you´re very kind!


Sandra said...

These look great!


Natalie Koltunovskaya said...

I like korean cosmetics! Tried it several times and it made a good impression!


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