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Monday, April 15, 2013

Caribbean Summer Footwear Event @ Red Mango

Warning Photoheavy :)

To tell you honestly, I've never heard about Caribbean Footwear. Maybe I've came across it. I thought this footwear was new to the market, but behold they were in the industry since 1995, well I guess for the longest time in the market, they have pioneered already in making comfortable footwear.

So when I had the chance to be introduced to this brand, I went to their bloggers event at Greenbelt 3 Red Mango last April 3. I arrived late because of the INEVITABLE traffic problems here in the metro. But I was able to catch almost all of it wink*

Tadaaah! Here it is, let me give you an analysis of the Caribbean Foot wear Anatomy:

The Toe Fashion: The balancing act of our toe is well supported by the footwear's structure without
compromising fashion and creativity.

The Strap at its Finest: Out cutting-edge technology has perfected the integration of comfort, durability and elegance in our strap - Caribbean's own invention.

I'm used to buying cheap slippers always. I've never even owned a pair of Havainas or even an Ipanema, but I was able to buy them for a friend as a gift, gosh, ang generous ko noh? Paano naman ang sarili ko? :( HAHA. But my sister has lots of it, too bad we don't have the same size, makikigamit sana ako.

Going back, the cheap slippers that I have, have one problem in common, the straps are the first to give up. Waste of money! But there are those who could tolerate the force but only a year I guess cause I'm very careful so as not to destroy them.

Team Caribbean said that the straps of the footwear are very durable and can withstand foot force, Meaning: Hindi basta basta masisira :) ENOUGH SAID.

The Mid-Foot Curve: Artistically formed to create proper foot formation and posture that will enhance endurance while walking or running.

I saw the structure and indeed, there are steep parts on the footwear. To support the shape of our feet. Cool right? :)

The Soul of our Sole!: Provides ultimate protection. Scientifically designed to mold one's sole to perfectly fit amidst mobility."

They also have this Anti-Slip Technology, so even if you have PASMADO feet, (sweaty feet), your foot won't slide up and down on this kind of foot wear :)

Oh, it's like a mix of interior, architecture, scientifically engineered Footwear. What more can you ask for? :)

Sir Francis and his companion giving us a brief info about Caribbean

Other bloggers that were busy tweeting, instagramming? Haha and taking photos :)

The Caribbean Urban Safari Summer Collection: Bold Prints, Vibrant Colors and Chic Neutrals

 and so much more!!

Of course, we also got our very own Caribbean Flops:

 Although it's a bit strange that I didn't get the the design that I chose, even my seatmate did experience the same thing, Sir Francis was very kind to accommodate us to pick something that we like and have it exchanged, he said that he doesn't want me to go without the satisfaction, kind enough, so I chose this one:

Though this is not really my size, I chose this one because I'm more on the sleek looking classic Flops :)

Of course because it happened in Red Mango, we can order yoghurts, waffles, yoghurt  shakes as much as we can :) What a way to battle the hot weather!

Blueberry waffles, Peanut butter and Chocolate Chip waffles and Green Tea yoghurt w/ Cheesecake and Mango Toppings, yum**

My Outfit Pose
Dress/Top: Sister's | Bag: Lancome |   Leggings: Penshoppe | Shoes: People Are People

For more information about the Caribbean Footwear: (sponsored post)

Facebook: Caribbean Footwear
Website: caribbean.com.ph
Instagram: caribbeanph
Twitter: @caribbeanph

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