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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Meet up with my La Piadina winners & Frostings Cupcakes

     After getting my chocolates at Villa del Conte at Trinoma, me and Brian went straight to The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf to meet my readers and the winners of my recent giveaway.

     Francis Falucho, according to him, he is not a blogger but he enjoys joining giveaways of bloggers, lucky him, he won my giveaway :)

     Ms. Carmen Watkins, she's super nice and an avid reader of my blog, super patient cause I wasn't able to give them their prize the soonest because of my crazy schedule. We had a little chit chat and handed her personally the Gift Certificates, she also has a gift for me, CUPCAKES! Awwww, at first I was so shy to accept it because I wasn't expecting it really,the yummy cupcakes from Frostings! Since Brian is a food reviewer/blogger, he saw the cupcakes right beside The Coffee Bean and he was able to take photos of these yummy cupcakes!

     And here's what Ms. Carmen gave to me:

     Yummy cuplets! I personally love all of these sweet babies, they're all creamy, not being biased, but hey, you should try it, they're not too sweet so I'm sure you'll crave for more :) Perfect as a gift for any occasion, or just some random sweet tummy filling. :)

        Nice meeting you Francis and Ms. Carmen, continue to join my giveaways!



1 comment:

Stephanie said...

Great pictures! I love sweet treat!
And those cakes look yummy! (:


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