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Friday, June 1, 2012

My "ODM-ish" look for LTIMESTUDIO Fashion series event

credits to Michael Macalos 

 Top: Riot | Bracelet: Landmark | Pants: BNY | Bag: gifted | Shoes: giftsahoy
      Here's what I wore to the LTIMESTUDIO Fashion series event, my "ODM-ish" outfit, actually, my top gives me the nerve whenever I go out, people kept on staring at me, thinking that I'm wearing a very "clownish" top, it takes a lot of courage to wear it because the sleeves are so big, as in BIIIIIGG, and flappy which makes me look like a maracas instrument player or a dancer in a fiesta, nevertheless, I struggled myself to wear it ( and buy it :p) because of its bold colors. I wore this top already twice, I thought I'll never wear it again, good thing that the theme was "ODM-ish", I had to take a long pause thinking what to wear after I have read the invite, and then poof** haha, this top came into my mind, no need to buy new clothes. I paired it with a black pants so as to tone-down the colors since my top is very loud, classy and chic for me :) I love my ensemble.

     I think that buying clothes is not essential in any event that you will go, Mixing and Matching is always the key, BELIEVE me, it'll save you time, effort and money :) So tell me, what do you think? Oh and sorry for my expression on the picture, that time, I felt like I was all sweaty and smelly haha :p



Mary Lou said...

oh what a great look darling! i love your shoes and the bag and the shirt, well everything;)

eji patanao said...

wow! thank you, i also love everything from my ensemble :)

roviedear said...

love your top! ikaw pala the girl who i liked the top on that event :) next time :D
Rovie, The Bargain Doll

Abi said...

cute top dear!

Hope you visit my online shop and like the page:

Aimie Chérise said...

I love the colours! *__*

Liebste Grüße^^


The Mommist said...

Killer style! I heart it! :) Just liked your FB page. Hope to get a like back. Thank you!


Anna Brain said...

You are soooo beautiful!! :)

Ghadeer said...

ur shoes <3


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