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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

My Blogapalooza Experience 2013

My first ever Blogapalooza, though it was a bit late for me to be at SM Aura because I need to watch Game 3 of the NCAA, San Beda (my pride) vs. Letran was fun-filled because I got to meet friends, and was able to network with the BIG names in the industry, not to mention, a lot of goodies exclusive only for the bloggers who are part of this event:

Blogapalooza is supported by the AFFI

Here are the companies that were present during the event:
 Eagle's Wings
The Mind Museum
 Ambient Digital
 I was very happy to get my hands on Enjoy Philippines Privilege Card!! :))
They were so many bloggers flocking to this booth, unfortunately, wasn't able to try their nail art :(
 PLDT for providing free WIFI :))
 There are a lot of flavors from Gavino's to choose from, very unique from the usual mainstream doughnuts.
 Yummy dinner served by Congo Grille
On the go food by PlatoWraps
 My fave coffee! Hands down to these!! The man was sooo nice that he even gave me another brown bag to try, he is soo kind and funny, plus their crew was very friendly and approachable!!
 Signing up at PRC :))
 Can't wait to try their blogger's rate when we go to Tagaytay! Thank you so much View Park Hotel!
 Games and Prizes to be won at Chooks to Go booth!
 Whirlpool and Fujidenzo
 BYS Cosmetics, I have their Matte Foundation and duo lipstick and gloss :)
 Gurkka.com. I won a mouse, guess what color I got? :) (Hint: Starts w/ "P")
 Ambient Digital
 Megaworld, I got a 1 Month Membership from Curves which I am giving away :)
 NY Theraspine
 Slenda :)
Chef's Noodle, too bad, wasn't able to try out their sushi :(

Good thing I still went there though we arrived past 6:00 pm, it was such a wonderful event where bloggers could network with different companies and mutually benefit from each other, thank you to the staff of Blogapalooza for accommodating me and Brian, hopefully this event will happen annually :) Thank you also for the companies who kept in touch, can't wait for the Blogapalooza 2014!!

wild & fierce


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