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Thursday, October 6, 2011

my post bday giveaway- model's own lipstick

      Hello! I'm sooo excited to tell you that Naturele Collezione (they have lots of designer dresses like Gucci, Chanel, Karen Millen, Herve Lerger and many more signature dresses! check out their site they have lots of great stuffs) will be sponsoring my giveaway! I feel so lucky bacause even though i'm a newbie and yet, a starter, I was able to have a sponsor. Haha, what a great way to start October. Well, as you can see, I turned 19 last October 1 and it's the last teenage year of my life and I wanted to make it very special :)) sooo, i am inviting you all with my ever first giveaway!!

2 winners will receive one of these model's own lippies <3 (open international)

How to join: (mandatory: must complete this)
  1. You must follow my blog publicly via Google friend connect. +1
  2. Like make-up hub by naturele collezione on facebook +1
  3. Like wildandkinkyfettish on facebook +1
Extra entries:
  1. Follow me on twitter @rejille +3
  2. blog about this or put in the side bar post +4
Sample entry: (please comment below)
eji patanao
bloglink: wildankinkyfettish.blogspot.com
mandatory entries: done
extra entry: (specify)
total entries: 10

I'll choose the 2 winners via random.org

   So guys!! Please do join my first giveaway, it will serve as your birthday gift to me :)) Winners will be notified via email so please do reply after receiving, 48 hours will be given as due, however, if the winner did not reply, I'll choose another winner so everybody will have a chance :)) BTW, this will end on October 31 so please do spread the word and join my giveaway!



Unknown said...

Hope you had a fabulous birthday!
Congradulations on your sponsor and giveaway!
I dont use facebook or twitter! I think I really need to join though,with all these fabulous giveaways on blogger! :D
Hope your having a wonderful week x

Rose said...

Roseann Renolla
bloglink: http://mysophisticatedswag.blogspot.com
mandatory entries: done
extra entry: followed you on twitter:glamorose31
placed your blog giveaway on my sidebar :)

Greta said...

thanks a lot for following...i'm following you too now :))))


Anonymous said...

Congrats on your giveaway Eji!

I want to try the coral one ifever I get picked. =)

GFC follower: Itin

facebook follower: Itin Bique Calvo

email: itinbcalvo at gmail dot com

bloglink: www.missacidic.blogspot.com

mandatory entries: done

kath said...

belated happy birthday dear! :)
joining your giveaway

kathryn clamor
bloglink: iam_kbc.blogspot.com
mandatory entries: done
extra entry: followed you on tweeter - @iam_kbc

thanks :)

Unknown said...

Thanks for your comment and happy belated birthday!

FB: Junella Tu
Jdmgirlfriend at gmail dot com
gfc: adthenshesmiled

Anonymous said...

Tanya Santiago
bloglink: http://littlemissforeveryoung.blogspot.com/
fb: Littlemissforeveryoung
twitter: @Lmsforeveryoung

ddenz11♥ said...

Denzyll Jade Arcaya
blog link: http://ddenz11.blogspot.com/
mandatory entries: done!
FB name: Denzyll Jade
GFC name: ddenz11<3
extra entries:
followed you on twitter as ddenz11
added your giveaway banner on my sidebar :)

Thank you very much for stopping by my bloggie and leaving a comment. Awesome giveaway BTW. Make-up junkie din kasi me!!! Hoping to win! :)

Kim said...

ohh these are a nice items xD~ but I think I will skip this one >.<~ Good luck to all entrants <3

11gHiEsZeLLe07 said...

Gizzele Alfonso


bloglink: http://11ghieszelle07.blogspot.com/

mandatory entries: done

extra entry:
-Blog side bar: http://11ghieszelle07.blogspot.com/

total entries: 7

MAGGIE said...

Yey! Belated Happy Birthday, Eji.

GFC: Morbidfrank
Facebook: Maggie Malonzo (liked the two pages)
Extra Entries:
Twitter: @morbidfrank
Blog sidebar: www.morbidfrank.blogspot.com

Total Entries: 10

Thanks for inviting me to you first giveaway! :)

Anna, Eva said...

Belated happy birthday!
Good luck with the give-away :-).

We're now following you too!

Anna, Eva

Unknown said...

Hello, thank you for stopping by my blog
I'm following your blog on GFC -Kimberly W +1
halochanel at gmail dot com
I liked both pages on Facebook(Kimberly Fine Wright) + 2
Followng on Twitter @WrightWIn +3bloglink: http://welcometothefabfactory.blogspot.com/2011/10/wild-and-fierce-my-post-bday-giveaway.html +4
mandatory entries: done
extra entry: 7
total entries: 10

Selvaggia Capizzi said...

Belated happy birhday! Nice giveaway, congrats on the sponsorship!

Bonnie said...

What a great giveaway. I have never done a giveaway before, but I should try it. I don't know what I would possibly give away, though.

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Anonymous said...

xyoulovekarlene at gmail dot com
bloglink: http://colossalcosmos.blogspot.com - posted on sidebar +4
mandatory: done
fb - Karlene Shamir

Helen Blas said...

Helen Blas
Mandatory entries: Done (GFC: Helen Blas, FB: Lucky Citrine)
Extra entry: Followed you on Twitter (helenblas)

Mar said...

Good luck on your first giveaway, Love! I hope you're having a great week so far. I actually have a giveaway too! from Burberry and From Freyja that you might wanna join :) Feel free to visit my site!

Not Your Ordinary Beauty Queen - The New BODY by BURBERRY Giveaway! &
50% Off on VANA-GODDESS Whitening Hand and Foot Spa from Freyja Day & Nail Spa

A and W said...

Wilma Mangila
mandatory entries: done

Thank you for visiting our couple's blog and for inviting us to join your giveaway! We hope we will win this.. =)
Belated Happy Birthday! Enjoy your nine-"TEEN". =)

JenBriones said...

Jennyvieve Briones
email: jen09briones19@yahoo.com
mandatory entries: done
gfc: jen09briones19
fb: Eveivynnej Tolentino Briones

extra entry followed you on twitter @JenheartBriones
reblog this post:

eji patanao said...

hello everyone! thanks for joining :)) you all made me happy! ;))

Anonymous said...

Happy Be-Lated Birthday!!!

Thank you so much for the awesome comment! Of course, I'll follow you even if you didn't have the giveaway. I would really love to have you follow me back at http://stylespotlighted.blogspot.com! Also look for me on twitter ( @CMeAsChanel )
Hope to see you very soon ;)

Unknown said...

Hi sweetheart!!
First of all, thx u so much for the comment u left on my post, I really appreciated it!
Of course, I'm following u now!
Hope u will follow me back, please :)


charmaigne grace said...

charmaigne grace gepana
bloglink: http://hotieshockz.blogspot.com/
mandatory entries: done
extra entries: followed you on twitter- @charmaignegrace
blogged- http://hotieshockz.blogspot.com/2011/10/models-own-lipstick-eji-patanao.html

total entries: 10

Sheela said...

thx for visting me:) great give away idea:)

hope to hear from u soon again.

love delasheela.blogspot.com

Melissa Diamond said...

Thank u for your comment and great blog! Following:)

Unknown said...

Belle B.
bloglink: http://candycoatedpaw.blogspot.com
mandatory entries: done
extra entry: followed on twitter - as candycoatedpaw
total entries: 6

Belated happy birthday!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Dasherie Co
bloglink: dashcohere.blogspot.com
mandatory entries: done
extra entries : Followed you on twitter(@dashyco)
And blogged about this (http://dashcohere.blogspot.com/2011/10/wild-and-fierce-my-post-bday-giveaway.html)
total entries: 10

Daisha Abrera said...

Daisha Abrera
bloglink: http://daishabrera.blogspot.com
mandatory entries: done
extra entries: followed you on twitter (@daishabrera)
Blogged: http://daishabrera.blogspot.com/2011/10/join-wildandfettish-bday-giveaway.html
put badge on my sidebar
total entries: 10

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

hi..thanks for following me..

Hzl said...

Belated happy bday!

Hazel Uri
bloglink: http://raspberrysquirt.blogspot.com
mandatory entries: done
extra entry: twitter (@halfunread is mine)
total entries: 6

zrno radosti said...

Marija Mikulić
bloglink: seed-of-joy.blogspot.com
mandatory entries: done
extra entry: none
total entries: 3

ghoent said...

ghoent rodriguez
done with the mandatory entries!

belated happy birthday!


Sabrina oliveratta said...

wow!OMG! I love it!
Very nice post!

Katelynn said...

Katelynn Rouse
bloglink: www.beautyblogish.com
mandatory entries: done
extra entry: Twitter @beautyblogish, Blog post http://www.beautyblogish.com/2011/10/giveaway-on-wild-and-fierce-blog.html
total entries: 10

Rose said...

hi girl! sorry for the late reply, seems like the code i used to edit the width of your giveaway picture has gone bonkers. hahaha. fixed it already! u should be able to see it now... <3

Lulu said...

Olesia Flegka
bloglink: http://greeklulu.blogspot.com/
mandatory entries: done (GFC: Lulu, FB: Olesia Flegka)
extra entry:
Follow you on Twitter: @LuluFleg
total entries: 10

Unknown said...

tenzin kelsang
i would love to have that hot pink lipstick….
XX.nice giveaway..:)XX
following you..
Follow me back?

HauteMangoGirl said...

happy belated birthday!

thank you for commenting :)

i'd love to join your giveaway!

mandatory entries: done
extra entry: following you on twitter (@HauteBerryGirl) and posted about your giveaway (http://musingandinspiring.blogspot.com/2011/10/lipstick-giveaway.html) :)
total entries: 10

i was thinking about buying a coral lipstick anyway, so maybe i'll be the lucky one :)

total entries: 10

Faieka said...

Happy belated birthday doll!
mandatory entries: done
extra entry: following you on twitter (@sarangheyo)


Anne Garais said...

Anne Klein Garais
bloglink: http://anneholica.blogspot.com
mandatory entries: done
extra entry: followed you on twitter as (@prettyanneholic)

wee. :)) belated happy 19th pretty!!

xo :*

gotluggage said...

congrats sis! nice giveaway too.

Jeanbeltran said...

Belated Happy Birthday!

I joined your give away sis!

jean beltran
bloglink: jeanbeltran.info
mandatory entries: done
extra entries:
> followed you on twitter as @junebride31
> blogged about it: http://www.jeanbeltran.info/2011/10/giveaway-naturele-collezione-lipstick.html
total entries: 10

jayresa said...

hi.. i'm joining your giveaway! by the way, belated happy birthday.. I also hope someone would sponsor on my blog since I'm also a newbie like you.. anyway, here are my details:

theresa montino (theresa on GFC)
bloglink: (sidebar) on http://thehappywinner.blogspot.com/
mandatory entries: done
total entries: 10

~~~ kamsa! 감사합니다 ♥

Roxanne said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Roxanne said...

Roxanne Limpante
mandatory entries: done :)
extra entries: followed you on twitter

thanks eji!

Carush Castro said...

oh! I Hope you had a great Birthday!
I follow you on twitter!


Rachel said...

Rachel Villanueva
racheltvillanueva at yahoo dot com
mandatory entries: done
extra entry: twitter - outdoor_kitty
total entries: 6

Elaine Bandeira said...

thanks for visiting my blog!

following her!



Mihaela said...

Mihaela Rotim
Extra entry : i'm following you on twitter ( my twitter : mfashionfreak )
total entries : 6

my blog♥mfashionfreak

sittie rainie limba said...

sittie rainie limba
bloglink: sittieinthecity.blogspot.com
mandatory entries: done
extra entry: followed on twitter and side bar post
total entries: 10

:) said...

Hi dear...

Thanks for visiting my blog!!!!

im following you now



alyanna diaz said...

alyanna diaz
bloglink: http://dieyoungandpretty.blogspot.com/
mandatory entries: done
extra entry: 1.followed you on twitter: @malditacyanna
2.blogged : http://dieyoungandpretty.blogspot.com/2011/10/wild-and-fierce-my-post-bday-giveaway.html
total entries: 10

Lilli said...

Maria Chiara Liuzzi
bloglink: http://isbetterbrunette.blogspot.com/
name on facebook: Lilli Couture
mandatory entries: done

total entries: 3

N.P. said...


Thank you honey for the nice comment. I love your blog too so you have new follower. ;)

I did what you asked me to. :D
I hope I'll be lucky.

natasha penevska
bloglink: http://llnatasha.blogspot.com/
mandatory entries: done
extra entry: not done
total entries: 3

Laura Galán said...

Thanks for the opportunity ;O)
I am already a follower! l-galan@hotmail.com

Good luck to all!


The Mommy Roves said...

hey dear! :)

rovie divinagracia
bloglink: http://thebargaindoll.blogspot.com/
mandatory entries: done
extra entry: followed you on twitter as @roviedear
total entries: 6

Janine M. said...

Janine Monasterial
ninmonster at rocketmail dot com
bloglink: http://monsterprettyinthecity.blogspot.com
mandatory entries: done
extra entry: twitter follower janinegenious
plus giveaway pic on my sidebar. :D
total entries: 10

Thanks :D

Marie said...

Edmarie Daal
bloglink: www.marieclara.info
mandatory entries: done
extra entry: followed you in twitter! (I'm @chaii_marie there)
total entries: 6

readytobeextraordinary said...

mickey grafane
bloglink: mickeygrafane.blogspot.com
mandatory entries: done
extra entry: followed you on twitter (@MickeyGrafane)
total entries: 6

Thanks! :)

NyxieLove said...

myka cadaoas
bloglink: http://nyxielove.blogspot.com/
mandatory entries: done
extra entry: followed you on twitter (@nixiquita)
total entries: 6

Aida said...

Thank you so much for commenting on my blog!!


Sleepy Beauty said...

Pls enter me

GFC Bebe
Email bebe03@hotmail.sg
Like both on Facebook Bebe Lee

Follow on Twitter Bebe @pllee88
Blog sidebar http://bebe2003.blogspot.com/

Total 10 entries

Hope u can entry my giveaway too

Unknown said...

GFC: Evi G
email: evigania@hotmail.com
blog sidebar http://evigmyworld.blogspot.com/
like both on facebook Evi Gania
tweeter @evidim

Unknown said...

Oh :( I'can´t have this because I don't have FB but I follow you also in your twitter :)

Unknown said...

Hi I am also Octoberian and I join your contest! Belated happy birthday to us!

Airine Abenes
bloglink: http://fitandfashionmom.blogspot.com/
mandatory entries: done
extra entry: (follow twitter and blog post)
total entries: 10

Fit and Fashion Mom

Nóra said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nóra said...

Nóra (GFC)
Nora Piros (FB)
bloglink: alanora.blogspot.com
mandatory entries: done
extra entry: follower on twitter (norejka) and sidebar: alanora.blogspot.com
total entries: 10

Unknown said...

this is my blog post http://fitandfashionmom.blogspot.com/2011/10/hello-this-week-is-sweetest-week-ever.html

MereMakeupManiac said...

great giveaway you got here! :) am Mhean aka MereMakeupManiac, my contact email is meremakeupmaniac@gmail.com and i blog at meremakeupmaniac.blogspot.com. here's my entries:

Followed your my blog (as MereMakeupManiac)
Liked make-up hub by naturele collezione on facebook
Liked wildandkinkyfettish on facebook
Followed you on twitter @rejille

total entries: 6

kindy said...

gfc: kindy sohkhlet newmai
facebook: kindy sohkhlet newmai
email: kindyanderson@gmail.com
mandatory entries:done
extra entries:
twitter: @thatskindy
blogsidebar: http://thatskindy.blogspot.com/
total entries: 10

Unknown said...

GFC: Joanna Marie Villalva
Facebook: SimplyBeingJoanna
email: simplyjoanna29@yahoo.com
Mandatory entries: Done
Extra Entries:
twitter: @simplyjoanna29
blog sidebar: http://simplybeingjoanna.blogspot.com/

TOTAL Entries: 10


Jenn said...

gfc: jenn
facebook: jenn dalisay
email: berryjennybean@yahoo.com
mandatory entries: done
extra entries: placed on the side bar http://thepinklemonadegirl.blogspot.com/
total entries: 7

I really do hope I win! :)

maryjadeanne said...

maryjade anne manzanero
bloglink: http://mybigsistersdiary.blogspot.com
mandatory entries: done
Extra entries: followed you on twitter & blog sidebar http://mybigsistersdiary.blogspot.com
Total entries: 10

Wonder Woman said...

GFC: Wonder Woman
FB: Angeline Rodriguez
Twitter: the_lil_miss

Mandatory entries: done
Extra entry: Followed you on Twitter
Total entries: 6

Alta Infante said...

Alta Infante
bloglink: http://alta-infante.blogspot.com/
mandatory entries: done

extra entries:
followed you on twitter @altainfante
sidebar: http://alta-infante.blogspot.com/

total entries: 10

Vyvy said...

Name: Vyvy Pham
GFC: Vyvy
bloglink: http://missvyvy.blogspot.com/

mandatory entries: done
extra entry:
I followed you on twitter, my username is MzVyvy
Blog post of this giveaway:http://missvyvy.blogspot.com/2011/10/tons-of-more-giveaways.html
total entries: 10

Analyn Alonsagay said...

Name : Analyn Alonsagay
email : diwata_emotera@yahoo.com.ph
gfc : Analyn
bloglink : http://analynalonsagay.blogspot.com

Mandatory entries done.
extra : followed on twitter : AHNNEdiwata
twitter post : http://twitter.com/#!/AHNNEdiwata/status/129964118743580672
blog post : http://analynalonsagay.blogspot.com/2011/10/wild-and-fierce-my-post-bday-giveaway.html

entries : 10

kindy said...

thank you so much for letting me know about your link missing in my sidebar!I don't know how that happened.I've fixed it.PLease check my sidebar,thanks! ^_^v

Cielo said...

Cielo Pagcaliwagan
bloglink: http://webbycontest.blogspot.com/2011/10/win-models-own-lipstick-10292011.html
mandatory entries: done
extra entry:
twitter follower: @brownpinay
blogspot: http://webbycontest.blogspot.com/2011/10/win-models-own-lipstick-10292011.html
total entries: 10

Teng said...

nice giveaway :) have a fab bday!


limecrime said...

I am so excited after seeing your blog.

Lime Crime

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